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Unless sealed, most garage floors are porous and the smell will dissipate on its own accord. There are commercial products that are available, but many use litter or sawdust to absorb the spill that can be swept away.

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Q: What can be used to neutralize the odor of gasoline spilled on a garage floor?
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How do you clean up gasoline spilled on garage floor?

kitty litterthen wash it down with dishwashing detergent

Can you use bleach to get rid of the smell of gasoline you spilled on the garage floor?

You could, but it would be a waste of bleach when soap and water would probably do an equal or better job.

What ratio of ammonia do I use to neutralize muriatic acid on garage floor?

12 gallons of ammonia to 1 gallon of water

What would you use to neutralize a strong base that is spilled on the floor?

Wash with a paste of oxalic acid,the strong acids may react with marble and constituents of cement.

If you spilled blood on the floor would bed bugs be attracted?

No, the spilled blood on the floor will not attract bed bugs.

How do you keep a garage floor from sweating?

Can the garage floor mats help with the condensation and garage floors

How do you use the word spilled in a sentence?

Today I spilled some milk on the floor by mistake.

Which companies sell garage floor coating paint?

My garage floor needs a new coat of paint. What is the best garage floor coating paint?

What product should be recommend for painting a garage floor?

rustoleum garage floor kit.

How does a floor drain work?

A floor drain , drains water and other liquids that spilled on the floor

What do you dilute acid with if spilled on the floor?

Baking soda

What is better garage floor stain or epoxy?

You can basically use anything on a garage floor, but what I would recommend is that you get garage floor tiles. The are durable and easy to install. The best thing about it is that it makes the garage look better.

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