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Try your ignition switch, the anti theft function goes bad maeking vehicle shut down when ever it desires, i had mine do the same

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What is wrong if I lose power in my car while driving the radio goes then the engine shuts down?

Usually a sighn of bad alternator.

What is wrong when 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe shuts off while driving and will not restart?

IDK yup

Cadillac 2000 dhs when stering wheal turn left or right car shuts doownwhats wrong with it?

Whats wrong with is that it needs a new power steering pump.

What if your compaq will turn on but it automatically shuts off What is wrong with it?

Its broken.

What is wrong if your PS3 shuts down?

question is too vague

What is wrong with a 1986 Ford Escort that shuts off the spark quits and after sitting a while it cranks and runs great?

You probably have a control module going out on your car.

Your Ford 2003 Escape w 105k miles shuts off when you start it up and try to place it into D or R It also will shut off when you place it in R after driving it for a while What is wrong with it?

My 2002 Ford Ranger with 4.0 engine ran fine except when I put it in park or reverse. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Eventually I began losing power and it wouldn't get up to freeway speed. The problem was a clogged catalytic converter. When the converter was replaced full power returned and it never shuts off when I put it in park or reverse. Good Luck, Abraham

What is wrong if your car engine shuts off as soon as you start it?

1991 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L starts 2 to 3 seconds later shuts off

What is wrong when a 1994 ford crown vic shuts off while driving I replaced the fuel pump?

Does it re-start right away, if so, then check the sensor on the air intake.

What could be wrong with your car if it sometimes shuts off right after you turned it on but when you turn it on again nothing seems wrong?

souns like a misfiring.

What could be wrong with the power steering and breaks are vibrating really bad on 1999 safari what could be wrong?

= "What could be wrong with the power steering and breaks are vibrating really bad on 1999 safari what could be wrong?" It started when I pushed on my breaks while in the park position =

1997 olds delta 88 4 door sedan ls with a 3.8 engine you have no power on the power windows or the power seats and the rear defrost shuts the car off so you pulled the fuse What is wrong?

Sounds like the car isn't charging and you are running off of battery power only, which is about to go dead.

Malibu just shuts off after it runs awhile whats wrong?

check for bad crank sensor!!

2003 ford expedition xlt is sputtering and losses power and shuts off There is a smell of burning oil what is wrong with the truck?

Change your oil one, sputtering could also be a clogged fuel filter have your vehicle serviced

What is wrong when my car shuts off unless i step on the gas?

you need to replace your idle jets, take it to a mechanic

What is wrong when your Chevy Tahoe starts to sputter and lose power after running for a while?

You Probley have a blowed head gasket.

What is wrong with my laptop it makes a static noise and then shuts off?

We cannot and do not diagnose your computer problems remotely. Take it to an engineer.

What is wrong if your car starts and then immediately shuts itself off?

That happened to me before, and I was practically out of gas. I added gas, and all was well.

Nikon coolpix digital camera won't stay on shuts off what's wrong?

Mine does that too!! And if it does, it will say battery exhausted!!

What could be wrong with your treadmill if it stops while you are walking on it?

Not enough tension in either the drive or running belt. Or the motor is not getting enough power.

If the side door of a astrovan shuts but can be pulled open with your hand at the back what's wrong?

you are not closing door hard enough i have this problem on my safari van

What is wrong with a dishwasher when it shuts off and never turns back on?

It's screwed and you have to buy another. Experienced that with mine too and they said that I needed to change it.

What is wrong with a 2004 envoy if you are driving down the road then all the sudden the lights on the dash start flashing and you can't give it gas and it totally shuts down and now it won't crank?

There is a recall on 2004 envoy and also it may be that a fuse is not getting direct supply of power.

What would cause a 1994 Buick Park Avenue to lose power while driving?

It could be the spark plug wires that's what was wrong with mine.

1995 Dodge Neon runs for about 15 minutes then shuts down whats wrong?

mine did the same thing i replaced the crank sensor and it runs fine