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I would say its the catalytic converter, my car lost almost all power, I unbolted from the engine from the bottom of the car and it ran better than it ever had, its a good and free way to check. Just 2 10mm bolts. had same problem with 96 lumina.. turn out to be faulty fuse going in computer under passenger seat.. somtimes fuse worked fine, and had proper voltage output. other time would put out less.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-19 15:09:54
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Q: What can be wrong with 96 Monte Carlo Z34 has new plugs wires coils water pump and sometimes it runs great but other times it loses power or jerks Computer shows nothing and 3 shops stumped?
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Do you have to reprogram a engine computer once you replace it on a 03 Monte Carlo ss 3.8?

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