What can bulldogs eat?

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Q: What can bulldogs eat?
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What do wild bulldogs eat?

wild bulldogs would be related to wolves. so, of course, wild bulldogs will eat meat and will hunt in packs if there are enough numbers of wild bulldogs.

What does a french bulldog eat?

what do french bulldogs eat

What do Victorian Bulldogs eat?


can bulldogs eat chicken?


Do bulldogs eat rats an birds?

they eat birds not rats

Can bulldogs eat chicken necks?


what do bulldogs like to eat?

Dog food!!

What all do bulldogs like to do?

Sleep, eat, and chill

What do English bulldogs like to eat?

Dog food!!

What do American bulldogs like eat?

cause they be hungry ^_^

Are bulldogs lazy?

all they eat is pie (true fact in scandonavia)

Who will win the dogs or the leprauchans?

Bulldogs!!The bulldogs will eat the midgets alive. The bulldogs are undefeated.. They're dogs. WOOF WOOF WOOF.. he he woof was from the impossible quiz here. i now save this question goodbye

what to feed english bulldogs?

They eat dog food, the best brand is Iams, or Pedigree.

What are bulldogs good for?

what do bulldogs do

are bulldogs good for?

what do bulldogs do

What does bulldogs eat?

Like all dogs bulldogs are carnivorous which means they eat meat, so you can feed them that, like ham, steak, and beef. But its also best to feed them commercial dog food, which comes in cans, that you can choose from dry, or meats

Do bulldogs have dandruff?

football sports bulldogs: yes pet bulldogs: no

What is a cool 2015 school motto to intimidate other schools with?

Bulldogs- like us,or we eat you.

Are bulldogs reptiles?

No, bulldogs are mammals.

Are American bulldogs bigger than English bulldogs?

Yes, American bulldogs are taller and weigh more than English bulldogs.

Are bulldogs hypo allergenic?

No, Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic.

Do American bulldogs fart alot?

yes,American bulldogs do fart alot because they are big dogs and some they eat too much and sometimes beg and beg for food so that's one of the reasons that American bulldogs fart alot.bark!bark! fart! fart! bye. :)

Can olde English bulldogs eat yogurt?

Yes, olde English bulldogs can eat yogurt as long as they aren't allergic. In fact, many breeders actually throw about a teaspoon of it into their puppies kibble daily. Yogurt can also be helpful to dogs that have been on an extended period of antibiotics.

How many varieties of bulldogs are there?

there are 17 varieties of bulldogs

How many breeds of bulldogs are there?

there are 14 breeds of bulldogs