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pregnancy or time for your period....

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Q: What can cause Sore breast and mild cramping?
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What would cause headaches breast tenderness mild cramping hard abdomen and constipation?


What is implanation cramping?

Implantation is where the fertlised egg attaches to the uterus (womb) lining where the cells will rapidly multiply to become a baby. This can sometimes cause mild cramping, and this is what implantation cramping is

Can you have a mild miscarriage?

If you by mild mean no cramping or bleeding, yes.

Could you be pregnant if your breast are tender and you have mild cramping and your lower and upper back hurts?

Yes you could be pregnant. Take a test and or see a doctor.

What are the main symptoms of pregnancy?

The main symptoms aremissed period,nausea with or without vomiting,tiredness,dizziness,breast changes and breast tenderness, andfrequent urination.The main symptoms of pregnancy are nausea, dizziness, heartburn, missed period, strange food cravings, bloated stomach, mild cramping, gassy, sore breasts and having light implantation bleeding.

Can you have mild cramping in very early pregnancy?

yes you sure can

In what month does cramping start?

Im only 7 weeks, and i cramp all the time. its not bad cramping, but its mild come and go type cramping..

What are signs of a possible pregnancy?

Late or missed period, nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, fatigue (very tired), breast and nipple tenderness, some women also have mild cramping.

I am not expecting my period for another two days but my breasts are sore and I've had mild cramping could i be pregnant or are they just signs of my period?

Nature tends to play tricks on us, even from month to month! Breast pain and cramping are indeed two of the many signs of early pregnancy, but they could also just be signs of your period coming. If you are not pregnant, you will indeed find out soon enough as the cramping and breast pain will probably continue until and during your period. If you are pregnant, the breast pain is a sign that your body is preparing itself to make milk for your baby and the mild cramping could be due to implantation. The most important thing is not to worry and if nothing happens and you decide to do a test, wait at least one day longer than the longest cycle you have had in recent months before you do one. If the test is negative and you still don't get your period then got straight to a friendly medical professional to get yourself checked out.

What are the risks of hysterosonography?

The chief risks are mild spotting and cramping after the procedure.

What are the signs and symptoms of chlamydia in your throat?

Chlamydia in your throat typically does not cause symptoms. A few patients may get a mild sore throat.

Is gas heartburn diarrhea and mild cramping signs of early pregnancy?

Might be for you. Cramping is a yes.

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