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maybe there wasnt enough pregnancy hormone in your urine. the first urine of the morning is the best one to detect if this hormone is presant. but i suggest you see a doctor because if your not pregnant there may be something else wrong! good luck.


testing too early wait for a missed period! Good luck!!!

Answertesting too early, using diluted urine, erratic technique, and waiting too long to read the results are some of the causes i can think of off the top of my head.
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Q: What can cause a negative test when you really are pregnant?
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Could illness cause a pregnancy test to be negative even if pregnant?


Can an ovarian cyst cause a negative blood pregnancy test?

Definitely not. The only thing that will cause a negative pregnancy test is no HCG in your blood which means you're not pregnant.

Can having your period cause a negative pregnancy test?

Having your period means you aren't pregnant

Can you be pregnant if the first negative line on a pregnancy test is really light?

If one line be shown In pregnancy test at home . Means o m pregnant

I have missed a period and a pregnancy test is negative Could i still be pregnant?

it's possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. it can be a fault negative.

Can you have a negative home test and negative blood test and still be pregnant?


Does negative mean I'm pregnant on a home pregnancy test?

negative= not pregnant positive= pregnant be sure to read the instructions on the pregnancy test package

I'm late on my period and having a lot of signs of pregnancy. If I'm pregnant with twins would that cause my hormone levels to be lower and cause a negative test?

I'm late on my period and having alot of signs of pregnancy. If I'm pregnant with twins would that cause my hormone levels to be lower and cause a negative test?

I had my period on 24 Nov 2009. I did a blood test and it was negative. I also did a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. Could I be pregnant?

If you have had a negative blood test, it is very unlikely that you are pregnant

What is a negative pregnancy test?

It means that you are not pregnant.

What does a negative pregnancy test mean?

your not pregnant !!

Can a woman be pregnant after a negative blood test?


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