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What can cause a new toilet that has replaced an old one to periodically have a sewer smell?

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It could be a bad wax ring. I would start by replacing that. also check the vent on the roof to see if it is clogged with anything

2006-09-13 07:22:15
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Q: What can cause a new toilet that has replaced an old one to periodically have a sewer smell?
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How do you find out if the toilet is clogged or if it is sewer related?

Get a one or two gallon bucket of water and pour it straight into your toilet. If the water goes down like a normal flush, your sewer line is fine and your toilet probably needs to be replaced or chemically treated.

How did the fish get in the sewer?

some people flush their fish down the toilet when it dies, and the toilet is connected to the sewer.

Can downspouts connected to the sewer cause a toilet to percolate?

Oh Yes, very common problem

What if you flush a pair of underwear down the toilet?

It will more than likely plug the toilet and/or drain line and cause a flood and backup of the sewer

Why do toilets overflow?

the toilet overflows if either the building sewer, branch line in your sewer system or trap in your toilet gets clogged.

Toilet installation below sewer line?

Need to install a sewer pump to pump the sewer up to the sewer waste line

Why after changing toilets do you smell sewer fumes?

you most likely hve a bad seal at the wax ring.You did replace it when you replaced they toilet diden,t you?

Are toilets the biggest cause of sump pump clogs?

Your toilet waste should not be going anywhere near your sump pump ! Toilet waste is supposed to go down a sewer pipe to the street sewer or to your septic tank. No sump pump is involved unless you had a broken toilet pipe and you would definitely smell that.

What is allowed down in the toilet?

Urine, faeces, toilet paper are allowed, anything else is likely to block the toilet or cause a blockage somewhere along the sewer pipe. Soiled disposable nappies, baby wipes, should never be put down a toilet.

When you flush she toilet where does all the water goes to?

the sewer

What happenes to toilet water after flushing?

it goes to the sewer

When a toilet is flushed does any water from it go to a sewer or does it go to a water stream?

Goes straight to sewer

What would cause your 2nd floor bathroom tub to gurgle when you flush the toilet if you had the main sewer line professionally snaked due to a back up in the basement and the toilet has been replaced?

You are to heavy to use the toilet.You must lose at least twenty pounds before using that toilet again. another way is to pay at least 12,000 at most 342,000 to fix your whole plumbing system and rip out your floors to fix the pipes.

How do you unplug a toilet?

A toilet can often be unplugged by using a plunger. If the plunger does not unplug the toilet, a sewer or drain snake may work to unplug the toilet.

What would cause raw sewage to come up in the tub and toilet to overflow in a high rise condo?

is is most certainly a blockage in the sewer line. Call a plumber to come and check it out and clean your sewer line for you.

What happens when you flush gum down the toilet?

it goes into the sewer!!!

Do wild rabbits live in the backyards?

no they live in your toilet sewer

Does toilet water go into the main sewer line?


What does the wax ring on the toilet do?

It seals the gap between the base of the toilet and the toilet mounting flange so that sewage and sewer gases don't escape into the building.

Where Chinese baby boy rescued from sewer pipe after being flushed down toilet?

The Chinese baby boy rescued from the sewer pipe after being flushed down the toilet was in Jinhua, Zheijang Province in China.

What is a compression flange?

A compression flange is used to connect a toilet to the sewer line.

What does Roddy get flushed into In the 2006 movie Flushed Away?

The sewer

What size is a toilet drain pipe?

It depends on how many types of toilets there are. If there are two toilets installed then the standard toilet sewer pipe size for that is 3". If there are three or more toilets then a 4" sewer pipe is needed for an adequate drainage.

How do you fix sewer odor from entering house when toilet is flushed?

Check trap seals

Where does your waste product from your house go?

If your not recycling, then usually to the landfill, or if it is from a toilet (etc), the sewer.