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What can cause a rash on your genitals?

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You could have an STD. Please see a doctor right away. Hi, This can mean many things. The rash can be caused by a allergic reaction to washing products or hygeine products or may be indictive of a genital infection such a yeast infection or even a STD. See your doctor about the rash for a culture test.

2006-09-06 19:32:19
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What std can cause bumps on your genitals?

Herpes, genital warts, and molluscum contagiosum are the STDs that can cause bumps on your genitals. Trichomoniasis can sometimes cause a rash in the genital area as well.

What can cause a rash to appear beside your penis and genitals?

Skin irritation, an allergy, a venereal disease, you name it.

Can you use no no hair removal on your genitals?

probally not just because it could cause a rash then maybe an infection and then you woukd have to go to the doctors, but that is only if your skin is fine to not reath for a couple of minuets try it out on ur leg and i it gets itchy or a rash its best not to do it on your genitals, if your that desperate just shave or wax..

What can cause painful on the genitals?

The herpes will cause painful sores on the genitals.

Does Strattera cause a rash?

What type of rash does strattera cause

Can acupuncture cause a rash when it pushes out toxins from the body?

can acupuncture cause a rash

Can acupuncture cause a rash or hives?

Yes, acupuncture can cause rash & hives.

Can eating strawberries cause a body rash?

Yes if you are allergic to strawberries, it can cause a rash.

Can smoking heroin cause a skin rash?

Can smoking herion cause skin rash

What is a itchy rash around genitals?

Jock Itch. It is a types of fungal rash that manifests if one is active, sweats a lot in the genital region and doesn't wash properly.

What STDs cause a rash?

Gonorrhea can cause a rash if left untreated (disseminated gonorrhea). Syphilis can cause a rash in the second stage. Reiter's syndrome, which sometimes follows chlamydia, can cause a rash. Trichomoniasis can cause a rash in the genital area due to irritation from the infection. While not the kind of red eruption we think of as a "rash," warts, molluscum, and herpes can be skin problems caused by STDs.

Can Chlamydia cause a rash?

Chlamydia does not typically cause a rash. If you are at risk for STDs and have a rash, see your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment.

Can a plant cause a rash?

yes, poison ivy can cause a rash when it makes contact with skin

What STd can cause a rash with joint pain?

Disseminated gonorrhea can cause a rash with joint pain.

Can an STD cause a rash on your buttocks?

Some STDs can cause a rash on your buttocks. These include herpes, molluscum, and genital warts. More rarely, syphilis and gonorrhea can cause a rash.

Does Granulocytic ehrlichiosis cause a rash?

A rash may occur

Does Monocytic ehrlichiosis cause a rash?

A rash may occur

Can NyQuil cause a rash?

NO, Nyquil should not cause a rash. If it does then medical attention should be sought out immediately!

Can touching moth balls cause rash?

Moth balls should not cause a rash just from touching the outside of it. If you cut on open and handle it for a while, it could cause a rash on sensitive skin.

Could drinking alcohol cause red neck rash?

No - but it can cause you to act like a rash red-neck...

What could cause a rash and peeling skin on child's vagina?

an infection could cause the child to peel and have a rash.

What STDs can cause a rash on your penis?

Molluscum, genital warts, genital herpes, and syphilis can cause a rash on your penis.

Do you have herpes if you a have a very itchy rash on your genitals?

No, herpes is not a rash. It looks more like raised blisters or open paper cut like sores. It often comes with symptoms like itching, burning and or tingling symptms occuring around the genitals. It could be jock itch or some in grown hairs but you should see a doctor and get some testing done on the rash to confirm if it's an std or not.

Can caffeine cause a rash?

A caffeine could possibly cause a rash, but only if you have some kind of allergic reaction to caffeine.

Can being on your period cause a rash?

Actually yes. The Blood, If on your skin for too long can cause a rash because its not supposed to be there.