What can cause a tingly sensation or a small shocking feeling when you are half in the pool and half out like sitting on the side of the pool or just putting your feet in?

Maybe a leaking circuit in a light or a pump? That sounds scary. Is all the electricity at your pool on a GFCI? It should be. If not, you should shut off at the breaker that's near the pool and get a qualified electrician to put one in. I usually don't go for the "Dear Abby" cop-out of just telling people to "seek professional help" , but I think it's justified in this case.


Your system needs to be checked thoroughly for stray voltage leaking to the pool shell. Installing a GFCI alone will not correct the problem. A: I don't think you can add a GFCI to a pool pump ! TURN OFF ALL BREAKERS ASSOCIATED WITH THE POOL. NOW !!! KEEP EVERYONE OUT OF THE POOL UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS FOUND AND CORRECTED. LIVERS ARE AT STAKE HERE. Yes, you have stray and live electricity getting to the pool shell in some manner. The pool light fixture and associated parts would be the first reasonable place to start. THIS IS A JOB FOR A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN OR POOL SERVICE TECH WHO HAVE THE INSTRUMENTS AND TOOLS WITH WHICH TO DO THE JOB.