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An inflamed cervix is often called dysplagia which is caused from infection or from repeatedly being hit by the penis during intercourse. Treatments include vaginal creams by prescription, or cryrosurgery if severe.

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Q: What can cause an inflamed cervix?
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What causes a sore on a womans cervix?

Cervicitis is the number one cause of sores on a woman cervix. The cervix becomes inflamed or infected causing open sores to occur.

What causes an inflamed cervix?


What are cellular changes associated with atrophy and inflammation on a Pap smear result?

The tissues of the cervix are inflamed, and the cause seems to be lack of estrogen.

Can an STD cause inflammation of the cervix?

Yes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and herpes can cause cervicitis, or inflammation of the cervix.

What does it mean if your pap smear comes back indicating an inflamed cervix?

indicating is when someone poos in their pants and noone else knows

How soon can chlamydia damage your cervix?

Chlamydia can infect the cervix and cause inflammation in the cervix, but does not do long-term damage to the cervix. Chlamydial scarring occurs in the fallopian tubes and in the pelvis, if permanent damage occurs.

Can x ray cause abnormal cell change in the cervix?

yes, because the cervix cells are sensitive to the rays

Can saliva glands become inflamed and cause tonsillitis?


Can a penis constantly hitting your cervix cause infertility?

No it can not.

Does marijuana smoke cause cervix precancer CELLS?


What can cause on and off testicular pain?

Genital herpes can cause testicular pain, men have glands in their inner thigh that can become inflamed with a herpes outbreak. When these glands are inflamed they become swollen and the nerve ending can cause a shooting pain from the thigh into the lower abdomen.

What happens during labor contractions?

During a contraction, the infant experiences intense pressure that pushes it against the cervix, eventually forcing the cervix to stretch open. At the same time, the contractions cause the cervix to thin.

Is pine nut oil safe for inflamed stomach?

no cause it makes it worse.

What could have been the cause of John Muir's inflamed eyes?

Darieon Kornegay

When you were check the one who are attending the pap smear said that your cervix is very low?

The location of your cervix isn't an issue if it doesn't cause you any discomfort.

How does the cervix become red?

Some kinds of vaginal infections, improper tampon use, or other irritants cause inflammation of the cervix which makes it red.

Can loud bass music cause a fertilized egg not to implant in the cervix?


Can your boyfriends sperm weaken your cervix and cause you to go into labor?

No hoe

What could cause pain in abdomen under rib cage?

inflamed gall bladder

What is an appendictis?

Appendicitis is when the appendix becomes inflamed. If not removed, it can rupture and cause peritonitis, which can be fatal.

What could cause pain on the right side near hip?

inflamed terminal ileum

I am 32 weeks pregnant and my Cervix is Inflamed what does this mean is this normal in a pregnancy close to the end or does this mean that the babys is closer then we think?

It's normal. I'm 34 weeks along and mine is too. It's just from the pressure of the baby on your cervix. No worry's though , .. Doesn't mean the baby's coming or anything.

Why it is necessary for inflamed appendix to be removable by surgeon?

An inflamed appendix could rupture and expose the abdominal cavity to bacteria, which would lead to infection. This resulting infection has the ability to cause death.

Can you get herpes when not inflamed?

You can get herpes when their not inflamed.

If IUD come out of cervix can it cause hot flashes?

An IUD removal will not cause hormonally-based hot flashes.