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What causes your lips to swell and go numb

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Q: What can cause facial numbness and swelling of the cheeks eyes lips and throat for three days?
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What muscles are used for winkswhistles and smiles?

Facial muscles, lips, cheeks, throat

What part of humans effects by mum disease?

affects throat and cheeks. swelling below cheeks and throat. infectious decease. avoid direct contact to effected people.

Are Pink cheeks normal when you have strep throat?

No. When you get strep throat, you may get red cheeks, or no color cheeks at all, but for the best of my knowledge it wouldn't be normal for someone to get pink cheeks off a strep throat.

Do strep throat cause swelling?

strep throat can cause some swelling in your throat. It should not swell any other part of your body that is not near your throat.

What if the thing hanging in the back of your throat is swelling what does that mean?

it is called your uvula and if it is swelling up you probably have strep throat

Can shingles cause swelling in your throat?


What could be causing swelling in the throat and difficulty swallowing?

Throat infection or tonsillitis.

Can low blood pressure cause hand swelling?

It can cause swelling or hands, feet and throat. If swelling by low blood pressure occurs, it will take effect on the throat and there is a high risk present of suffocating. Good luck.

What illness is it when you have a nose swelling and sore throat?

Common cold

How do you make the swelling in your throat go down?

You might make the swelling in your throat go down by taking Benadryl or another antihistamine to combat the allergic reaction. It is always important to seek medical attention if your throat swells.

What is pharyngeal injection?

I think it is throat congestion or increased blood flow to the throat causing some swelling.

How is Goitre caused?

It is caused by Iodine deficiency which causes swelling in the throat

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