What can cause lower back pain and a small piercing pain on the left side of your stomach that you have had for a month?


It is NOT appendicitis - if it were you wouldn't be able to submit the question because you'd be dead from a ruptured appendix after a few days, so disregard the previous answer.

The most likely cause is a disk herniation in the lower lumbar area. Disk nerve compression frequently causes pain that radiates into the stomach and side tissue. Depending on the location of the disk and severity of the problem, you may even feel pain and pressure in the groin area. It is extremely uncomfortable and painful.

You may also have pain radiatingi into your thigh, knee, side of the leg, small of the back off-center of the spine itself, or pain down the back of your legs. If you work in a profession where lifting is frequent, the constant aggravation prevents it from healing properly.

Back muscle spasms can also cause the same thing, but the pain is less likely to radiate into posterior tissue.

There are some OTC meds you can use to reduce inflammation, but you should get to your doctor. Untreated, disk herniations can lead to long-term serious mobility problems. Having endured 20+ years of them and 3 spinal surgeries, trust me when I say get it looked at - soon.

OTC meds - Bayer Back and Body Aspirin: Tylenol Rapid Release gel-tabs

Online Resource: American Pain Foundation - http://www.painfoundation.org

there is NO most likely in this type of description it could be anything a cyst which is common in alot of people i have had a few it feels kind of tight and painfull if you move the wrong way can cause back pain etc you may feel it burst at one point which is very very painful and after it bursts it will be soar, but again there is no most likely it could also be infection it could be disk herniation i suggest you go see a doctor if the pain gets worse or seems to be un bearable

It could be appendicitis - which you may want to get checked ASAP because you don't want your appendix to burst...