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What can cause nonhereditary hair loss in a young person?

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April 25, 2009 2:28AM

== == == == == == My dad had been suffering from hair loss and

only recently he started to see a huge difference with his hair

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Side Effects Of Common Drugs For Hair Loss Treatment : Minoxidil :

Cause a fall in blood pressure, an increase in the heart rate, and

weight gain (fluid retention) Propecia : May cause birth defects in

male baby's sex organs if taken by women. Also, potentially

irreversible side effects occurring in the group of people taking

the drug are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder (decreased

volume of ejaculate) and low libido.

== == Fungal infections, damage to the hair shaft, alopecia.

Look into the site webmd it can help you better understand.

Radiation therapy. Chemo.

Too much Vitamin A

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