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Have you been to a Chiropractor? Poor pelvic alignment (torqued pelvis or tilted pelvis) can cause different kinds of lower abdominal, pelvic and lower back discomforts. I also was concerned that I had a cyst or something, but later found out my pelvis was torqued. This is fairly easy to correct if caught earlier than later. I required about a dozen adjustments before it started to hold it's position, because I waited almost a year before I thought to have my pelvic alignment checked. I now go in once every couple of weeks and since I've been holding well will now scale back to once a month checks. It might be worth looking into. Some Chiropractors offer a free first evaluation to determine your problem and what treatment you would need. I would take advantage of one of these, just to make sure.

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Q: What can cause ongoing pelvic pain when tests show no cysts etc?
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