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Genital warts can somtimes cause itchless bumps. There are a million other bumps you can get down there however. The best thing to do would be to see a doctor while the bumps are still present. A good doctor should be able to tell what they are by a visual inspection of them. You can also have hair follicles. Have you shaved down there lately? I used to get bumps all the time from shaving.

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Q: What can cause spots on your vagina but they don't itch?
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What could be White Itchy Spots on the Vagina?

IT can be a jock itch.

Why does your vagina itch during pregnancy?

your vagina will itch as cause it is getting use to you being pregenant or it just could be an itch that is really bad.

Why does your vagina itch after wearing wet underwear?

The reason why is because your vagina is more sensitive than other girls but dont west wet underwear it will cause your vagina to smell like fish

What stds cause vaginal itching?

Most STDs can make the vagina itch.

Why does your vagina itch a lot every now and then?

why does my vagina itch ever now and then?

Why does your vagina itch after doggy style but not after missionary?

Cause you've got crabs you dirt get !

What does it mean when your vagina itch and discharge?

It means you have a infection of the vagina.

Do horses itch?

NO horses dont itch.

Can you give a girl jock itch?

Yes you can. Since "jock itch" is a yeast infection of the skin, it is possible to spread the yeast infection to a womans vagina or to the skin around her vagina.

What does a women do if her vagina itches?

Itch it or take it up to a doctor

What are small brown spots on inner thigh hurt an itch?

If they are spreading they could be jock itch, even in females

What do you do about itch spots on my Jack Russell?

See your vet immediately

What can cause tiny bumps on your labia that do not hurt or itch?

Tiny bumps on your labia that don't hurt or itch could be Fordyce spots, which are normal, or genital warts. See your health care provider for an exam if you are at risk for STDs.

What causes blistering bumps that itch and cause hairloss on dogs?

These are called hot spots call your vet and get some medicine they will go away fast.

What makes your whole vagina itch like crazy?

Shaving can sometimes make you itch in that area iether that or you probly have crabs

Does lupus cause itching?

Lupus can cause rashes that itch. Lupus can also cause hives or welts that itch.

What do you have when you have bumps on the inside of your vagina lips and you itch and you have white discharge?


Red rash around vagina area that itches but no discharge nor pain only the discomfort of the itch?

s'probably jock itch

What parts of your vagina itch and burn when you have a yeast infection?

If you have a yeast infection all parts of your vagina and vulva can itch and burn. Obviously if you have a yeast infection treat it, and if sexually active consider an STI screening to be safe.

What happens if your nipples itch?

When your nipples itch it means that your boobs are growing dont worry about it

What makes the burn and itch in your vagina go away?

A trip to your ob/gyn!

Does the vagina itch if your going through puberty?

no, if it does it is weird and unusual and there is something wrong with you

What happened when you have a vagina infectyion?

you mean, vagina? there are alot of vaginal infections. like most likely yeast infection, it makes it itch.

Is it bad to itch yourself when you have jock itch?

Yes I Have A Skin Condition And I Itched It Alot It Got Worse But i dont itch it anymore

What are reddish brown spots on fore hands and legs that don't itch?