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Just like anything else things just break. Have you had any electric welding done on the car? Have you used an external battery charger? Have you accidently connected the battery in reverse polarity?

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Q: What can cause the diode in the alternator to fail in a fiat punto?
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What causes alternator failure?

Bearings can fail or a diode can burn out. Age is the enemy of an alternator.

Charge indicator lamp stay on your Mercedes ML320 why?

Fist may be steering lock fail at position 2 second alternator not charged to battery ( bad alternator ) i thing diode froom alternator broken

How long does an alternator last?

That depends on a number of factors. On the average, you ought to be annoyed if your alternator goes bad in less than 5 years or 50K miles. The following will cause an alternator to fail quicker:high under-hood temperatureslots of high-draw electrical accessoriesweak batterybad jump-starting techniquedirt, water, sand, grease and foreign debris caked on, and in, the alternatorSometimes, what passes for a failed alternator is simply a bad diode pack. You might be able to swap a new diode pack in and get another 100K miles on the alternator.

Can repairing a faulty alternator cause the air conditioning system to fail?

It could lead to it indirectly.

How can you say diode is gone in generator bridge rectifier?

The most straightforward and unbiased way is to remove the diode from the circuit and check it with a diode tester. Alternatively, if the diode is shorted, the bridged will measure shorted. If it is open, running the generator and monitoring the output with an oscilloscope will reveal a missing phase. One example of an open diode problem in an automobile alternator application is that the alternator will put out enough current to keep the system fail light off, but not put out enough current to meet rated output load.

What would cause an alternator to go bad?

Installing an alternator on a dead or poor battery will cause them to fail prematurely. trickle charge your battery before installing a new alternator. check all connections for corrosion especially grounds.

Will covering an alternator with aluminum foil cause any damage to the alternator?

Yes it could, a alternator has air passages in its case to allow for cooling. If those holes are blocked the alt. could overheat and fail.

Why is your voltage warning light flickering -- and does it have anything to do with your 1986 Pontiac 6000 stalling once in a while only 65000 km on it?

Sounds like the Diode or the Voltage Regulator is going out on the alternator. I would recomend replacing soon. When one of those 2 componets go out, it really over heats the alternator. This causes the bearings on the back side of the alternator to fail, and sieze. This has cause some fires in GM cars and trucks.

Can an alternator cause car to stall?

Not usually. The alternator can fail to charge enough, or even fail to charge at all, but usually the battery would carry the load for a day or two. - The answer is to charge your battery completely, over a 24 hour period then check the alternator with a good meter. First check battery voltage with engine OFF, this should be 12.1 -12.4 volts. Now start the engine and do the same test, voltage across battery should now be around 13-14.5. If still the same as static test then the alternator is faulty. You may not necessarily have to buy a new alternator, in many cases you can renew the 'diode pack' for much less cash. - -Go to a Starter and Alternator specialist shop for advice on this.

What would drain a car battery overnight on a 93 Ford Taurus?

If you're absolutely certain that the battery is ok (have it tested) and that nothing is being left on and that the key is turning off properly, it's time to have the alternator tested. Sometimes an internal diode can fail which will end up draining the battery. But don't just replace the alternator. Take the vehicle to your local auto parts retailer and have them test it for you IN CIRCUIT! Meaning that they'll test it with the vehicle running. They should be able to determine if the alternator diode has shorted.

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What causes a diode to fail on a 240v solenoid valve?

Why would it? And is this the diode across the windings of the coil that supplies the back EMF (inductive kick) supression? There isn't a good reason for it to fail. A bit more information is needed here.

Why would your 1990 Mercury Cougar go through an alternator a year?

Hey Cari==Make sure there is good air flow around and through the alternator. Restrictions from heater hoses around alternators can cause them to overheat and fail. GoodluckJoe

Why No alternator belt?

The alternator must be driven by a drive belt, or your charging system will fail. Your question really makes no sense.

Why does the Tachometer fail and then engine cuts out?

It can sometimes be caused by a failed alternator.

What would cause the battery gauge in a 94 mercury cougar to go down when idleing but when you push the gas it shoots back up?

Its a sign that either your battery or alternator is starting to fail.

What would cause a ecm to go bad on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity?

As with many electronic devices they can merely fail over time. I have heard it said that jumping the battery can cause the ECM to fail, I don't know that to be true. Too high a battery voltage could cause failure of the ECM. That might be caused by the alternator putting out too much voltage when charging the battery.

How can you tell when your alternator is going bad?

Normally your battery warning light comes on to warn you that it is not getting sufficient charge. If that does not come on then its either a faulty battery or the light does not work as well. <><><><><> It is possible that a bad diode in the alternator will prevent it from delivering full rated current, while still keeping the light off. The general way to tell is to be sensitive to the way the engine cranks. If it is cranking slow, then you have a starter and/or alternator and/or battery problem. Unfortunately, one can cause the other to fail, so you definitely need a good mechanic to check out everything when something is replaced. As an example of a worst case scenario, the bad diode prevents the battery from being fully recharged after starting the engine. The battery voltage falls. This causes the starter to pull more current on subsequent starts. It begins to overheat. Maybe a winding shorts out and the Q factor goes to pot. One day, the starter pulls so much current that it buckles the plates in the battery. Now you have a bad alternator, a bad starter, and a bad battery. Replacing one, without carefully checking the other two, could well cause the new component to fail again.

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If a diode is connected to a battery and a lamp what happens when the diode direction is reversed?

I diode allows current to flow in only one direction. Therefore, if a lamp is "on" in a DC circuit, and the diode in series with the lamp is reversed, the light will be turnned off due to the diode blocking current flow (unless the voltage is above the breakdown voltage of the diode - if this is the case, the diode will fail). If this is an AC circuit, every half cycle the diode will turn on, then the next half cycle it will turn off. To your eye, the bulb will most likely appear slightly dim due to this on then off cycling. If the diode is reversed, there will be no apparent change. The difference is the half cycle the diode would have been off before reversing, it will now be on, etc.

How can you tell if you have a bad alternator in a 1991 Ford Ranger 2.9?

Easiest way is to check the voltage your getting out of it when you have electrical loads on (headlights, radio, blower) If the alternator is faulty the voltage would be low

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Do the wires cause the alternator to go out on a Ford Taurus?

It is possible that 'wires' can cause an alternator to fail - such as dead-shorts in high power circuits. More often though the bearings go bad, or the internal components wear out. One other source of problems for alternators are bad batteries causing high-stress/strain - can lead to premature failure. See "Related Questions" below for more