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What can cause the gas pedal to sink uselessly to the floor?

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Hey DKM==You need to tell what kind of car you have as there are so many different types of linkage. GoodluckJoe

Try having the fuel pump checked. On a '93 Buick Century I used to have, the fuel pump failed, and the gas pedal immediately went to the floor.


2015-07-17 17:39:37
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How do you know if the master cylinder is going out?

The brake pedal will sink to the floor when applied and the brake fluid reservoir remains full.

What does it mean when you can press the brake pedal to the floor with ease?

You don't have brake fluid There could be air in the system and it requires bleeding to rid it of air. If the vehicle is an older one, the master cylinder may be porus or the bore pitted. It should be resleeved or replaced. The seals could also be flat. Jam your foot down hard on the brake pedal. Is the pedal high? Does it sink to the floor if you rest your foot lightly on the pedal?

How do you tell if my brake lines have a leak?

You will be adding brake fluid to the reservoir often.The brake pedal won't feel firm.The brake pedal may sink to the floor as you are applying steady pressure.Do a visual inspection of the brake lines looking for that wet spot.

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Why does brake pedal go to floor on 1991 buick park avenue?

First, make sure the master cylinder is filled with brake fluid. If it is low, there may be a leak somewhere in the brake lines or a brake cylinder. If the master cylinder is bad, you can normally pump the brakes up, but the pedal will slowly sink to the floor again. The master cylinder needs to be replaced or repaired.

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