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too much ether (starting fluid)

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Q: What can crack the injector sleeves of the 7.3 power stroke diesel 1999 to 2004?
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What are the signs of a cracked injector cup in a 7.3 diesel?

To begin with you will smell diesel after parking. You will also have your coolant system start overflowing because it will be filling up with diesel. The crack will allow the injector to push diesel into the coolant.

What happens when you crack diesel?

diesel isn't cracked, but a heavy oil fraction is cracked to obtain diesel

How does diesel fuel get in crankcase 255 Massey Ferguson?

Some pos problems include leaking fuel injectors leaks ,fuel pump leaking main injector pump and crack cly sleave

What causes white puffing smoke from a diesel engine?

The cause of white puffing smoke in a diesel is the crack pipe ventilator seal. Fix that it keeps the crack inside.

How do you prime a diesel after runnin out of fuel?

newer diesels cycle key on and of leaving on for about 20-30sec. a few times then just keep cranking but no more that about 30sec. crank time to keep from burning up starter. older diesel you may have a hand pump or have to crack an injector line while cranking to bleed air out.

Where is the air vent in the engine of the peugeot 206 diesel?

up your mamas faj crack

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How to change Diesel nozzle on 1981 vw rabbit?

unscrew the injector lines from the top of the diesel injectors, and from the injection pump. The diesel injectors can be removed with a 27mm deep socket ratchet head, or a 27mm wrench. Be very, VERY careful to keep the threads clean or you can crack the head when putting new injectors in. If your injectors are bad, they've also probably damaged your glow plugs. You should probably replace them too (they're just under the injectors on the front of the cylinder head).

What is it called when a crack in the crust whose sides show evidence of motion?

Having a stroke is bad. Seriously it's terrible.

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Can dirty injectors cause white smoke on a cummins 5.9L diesel?

no Most of the time white smoke is caused by antifreeze burning in the cylinder. Leaking injector s can cause white to blueish smoke.And that's alot more common then antifreeze getting into your CTD. Also antifreeze will almost always lock you up , due to the higher compression of the CTD. Gas engines have a much lower compression . They will sound horriable but burn it. CTD will crack. Check leaking injector, or turbo oil.

Do you need to bleed fuel system if you removerefit the 2 injector pipes to renew a glow plug situated directly beneath these pipes.Peugeot 205 Gld 92 reg?

yes you shouls bleed any diesel engine if u remove the injector pipes....start it up and crack the injectors off a little bit 1 by 1 all you need is 12mm ratchet spanner wich will fit bellow pipes .i fitted 4 glow plugs yesterday 30 min toffee. tommy.

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