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What can dogs die from?

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Dogs can die from a variety of causes, from congenital defects to infections to trauma to cancer to organ failure.

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Do dogs die?

Yes, dogs eventually die.

can dogs die from choclotte?


Can dogs die from cancer?

Yes Dogs Can Die From Cancer

Why do dogs die?

Dogs are a living thing, so it will die, just like humans. It is part of the chain of life. Dogs can die at any age, but I think the adverage age that dogs die is 15 (our years). It can die from any sickness, or from old age.

On dogz5 do dogs die?

dogs do not die on dgz5 but if they are not treated well they will run away

Can dogs die from drinking milk?

I suppose that dogs won't die by drinking milk.

Do dogs turn into spirits whenthey die?

No but that would be cool though. When dogs die they die they don't turn into spirits.

How do old dogs die?

Old dogs die from old age and possibly a heart attack.

When was Dogs Die in Hot Cars created?

Dogs Die in Hot Cars was created in 1997.

When did Dogs Die in Hot Cars end?

Dogs Die in Hot Cars ended in 2006.

What do dogs die of the most?

Dogs probably die of getting hit by cars the most or neglect!now days most dogs die from ticks, worms, fleas and starvation

How many dogs die in a day?

There is not an official count as to how many dogs die in one day. There are more than an estimated hundred thousand dogs that die each day.

Can a baby rabbit die from dogs scaring it?

The baby rabbit can die. The dogs can give it a heart attack!! :(

Why dogs die?

Dogs are living organisms and like every thing else that is alive it has to die sometime.

How many dogs die of hunger?

On the world each day at least 9 dogs die of hunger.

Statics for what dogs that have been abused die from?

All I know is that 10,000 dogs die every year.

How many dogs die in a year?

Over 6,856 dogs.

Why is continuous breeding of dogs bad?

Dogs can get sick and die.

Will dogs die without their uterus?

Yes they can die

When can cats and dogs die?

i dont know when they die

Can dogs die from mosquitoes?


Do dogs die if you give them a bar of a tootsie bar?

dogs will die because a tootsie roll is mostly chocolate.

How many dogs die from dogfights?

Over 20,000 dogs die each year due to dog fights.

How many dogs die from being abused daily?

About two-hundred dogs die daily in the whole world

Where do people put dogs when they die?

People Barrie their dogs when they die. it is sad but at least they go to doggie heaven.

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