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Violence is anything that hurts in relationship. It includes verbal abuse, beatings, maltreatment and so on

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Q: What can domestic violence invlclude?
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What type of charge is domestic violence?

Domestic violence harassment3rd

Is domestic violence a moral turpitude?

in domestic violence what is section 415

How long does a domestic violence stay on your record?

Assuming you are talking about a criminal conviction for domestic violence (such as domestic violence battery), it is forever.

Who is more likely to committ domestic violence common ethnicities for domestic violence?

Psychological and emotional violence Physical violence Sexual violence

What is Indiana's statute of limitation on domestic violence?

Domestic Violence and Domestic Battery have no SOL's in ANY state.

What is domestic violence bill?

domestic violence bill prescribs legal sanctions against domestic crimes.

What causes abusers to commit domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a over used term, someone talking loudly at you could be considered Domestic violence!

What year was criminal domestic violence a felony?

what year was criminal domestic violence a felony?

How can we stop preventing domestic violence in our community?

We can stop by enlightening the public on the effects of domestic violence. Also reporting cases of domestic violence can also be helpful.

Why people are againt domestic violence?

People are against domestic violence because of the effect on the family and society. Domestic violence has both emotional and physical effect.

Is in British domestic violence okay?

domestic violence is NOT OK in any civilized country, British or not.

Why is domestic violence important in your society?

Domestic violence is not important in my society. In fact, it is highly discouraged.

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