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What can drain a battery if the engine and all lights are shut off?


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A stuck relay in the car can drain the battery. A dead cell in the battery itself will drain the battery overnight. If this is the case the battery must be replaced as there is no way to fix it. To find out disconnect the negative battery cable for around 8 hours. If the battery goes dead it has a dead cell. If not then something is draining the battery. Anyplace that sells batteries can test the battery for you.

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Yes possible. If switch does not open on engine shut down battery will drain If switch does not close on start up battery will not charge

my radio kept cycling for some reason drained my battery. i pulled the fuse and haven't had a radio or clock since, but my battery is fine.

All batteries will drain a small amount, even if they are not being used. However, a substantial battery drain would be due to a problem with the battery or laptop. Make sure that the laptop is indeed off, though. With Vista, clicking the power button in the start menu will not shut down the laptop, but will instead put it into sleep mode. This continues to drain the battery. Some of the lights on the computer will still be lit when the laptop is in sleep mode, while no lights will be on if the laptop is turned off.

Why do interior lights stay on when engine is shut off on 2001 Lincoln Continental car?

It is designed to stay on. It will not drain your battery.

It could be done. You'd have to shut it off if you had the engine off and didn't have an APU running, because it would drain the battery very quickly.

Well not the starter. The starter is used to start spinning the engine and draws its power from the battery. The alternator uses the engines belt to recharge the battery and to power the cars electronics as well as lights. When you shut the engine off, the power then draws from the battery.

Depending on if it overheats, yes but otherwise it will just drain its battery and shut down

you could have a short some where causing it to drain the battery. or the hatch or doors are not shut keeping the lights on in the car.

Bad battery? Bad Voltage regulator Disconnect the - battery terminal Install a test lamp between the - battery terminal and - battery cable--if light lights there is an extreme parasitic load on battery Remove 1 fuse at a time from the fuse block until the light goes out. This will at least tell you which circuit needs further investigation

A dead cell in the battery, any light on the vehicle that is pulling power from the battery, or a stuck relay. Check all the lights on the vehicle including the brake lights to make sure they are not on after you shut the vehicle down. To see if you have a dead cell in the battery, disconnect the negative battery cable overnight. If the battery is dead the next morning then the battery has a dead cell and must be replaced. If not then start looking for a light that is on or a relay that is stuck closed. Can be a power window, power seat, power door lock, or fuel pump relay.

You should have a dimmer switch on the dash behind your turn signal If the '94 is the same as the '96, then it is possible that the door sensors have to be replaced. In the meantime, remove the bulbs so as not to drain the battery.

It is normal operation. With "key on engine off" the check engine light should be illuminated so you can observe that it is properly functioning.

On quite a few DTR systems, the lights *will* shut off, but only between 30 sec to a couple minutes after the ignition's been turned off.

weak battery that can't hold charge? Install a test light in series with - battery terminal If light illuminates- indicating current flow. Remove each fuse one at a time to determine which circuit is active -then investigate that circuit Could be a defective voltage regulator- not opening in engine shut-down

shut down unplug battery and charger hold power button for 5 to 10 seconds to drain all residual power plug battery and charger back in done....

There is a switch for that. It is in the dash illumination brightness control switch.

engage the parking brake , or shut the engine off

Might be a defective voltage regulator (not opening circuit on shut-down) Or a bad stator. (if the battery doesn't charge at all.) Or an electrical short.

Temperature activated fan switch could be stuck shut and need replaced. Test first.

Computer modules are supposed to "go to sleep" about 15 mins after you shut off the vehicle. If they don't, they can drain the battery. See related links on how to find the bad module. The battery itself may have a dead cell which will cause it to drain overnight. If that is the case the only fix is to replace the battery even if it is a new battery. It may also be you have light that is on pulling power from the battery. Under hood, trunk, glove box, dome light, brake light, etc. You could also have a relay that is sticking.

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