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Frogs can usually eat any kind of insect or arachnid, and sometimes even other frogs! Basically, frogs are very carnivorous.

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Does monkeys eat frogs?

No. Monkeys do not eat frogs & frogs.

What do sheep frogs eat?

Sheep frogs eat mostly what all other frogs eat. The sheep frogs will eat insects such as flies and gnats.

Does frogs eat dead frogs?

No, all frogs eat live animals.

Do frogs eat carrots Do frogs eat lettuce?

frogs are not herbivores. so, no.

Do frogs eat grasshoppers?

Frogs eat grasshoppers. At least i know bull frogs and wood frogs do.

Do ducks eat frogs?

Yes, they do eat frogs.

What do desert frogs eat?

frogs eat bugs

Do warthogs eat frogs?

No, warthogs do not eat frogs.

Do frogs eat plankton?

do frogs eat plankon

Do frogs eat cattails?

No frogs do not eat cattails.

What do waterfall frogs eat?

they eat orther frogs

Do llamas eat frogs?

no,but frogs eat llamas

Do frogs eat may flies?

Yes frogs eat flies they usually eat insects anyways. In stories it says the frogs eat mainly eat flies but frogs usually eat insects.

Do frogs eat algae?

Frogs do eat Algae but frogs prefer to eat insects but if all else fails they eat algae

Do frogs eat ladybugs?

Frogs do not eat ladybugs. In fact, it is poisonous to young frogs.

Can frogs eat other frogs?

yes all frogs are carnivores and some do eat other frogs. some even eat snakes and rats!

What fruit can frogs eat?

Frogs do not eat fruit. Frogs are carnivores. They eat insects, snails, etc. Larger frogs may eat other small animals. But they do not do fruit.

Can you eat frogs?

Yes, you can eat frog legs.Yea, you can eat frogs.

Do frogs eat graps?

Frogs are carnivores. They eat only meat. Most frogs catch and eat insects. Some frogs can catch larger prey, even other frogs.

Do bass eat frogs?

Yes bass do eat frogs.

Do hawks eat frogs?

YES, Hawks can eat Frogs!

Do pigeons eat frogs?

yes pigeons do eat frogs

Do spiders eat frogs?

Yes, spiders do eat frogs.

Do frogs not eat?

Frogs eat flies and other bugs.

Do frogs eat their babies?

no frogs dont eat their babies

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