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If you were insured at the time of the accident, your insurance should pay up to the amount stated on your policy. It does not matter if you still have the insurance now. It is important that you had it on the daye of the accident.

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Q: What can happen if after an At Fault accident the auto is totaled and you choose to cancel the insurance because you will not drive again and there are personal injury claims not settled?
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Can you be charged higher car insurance after you were involved in an accident and it was on a different company policy it was also not your fault and settled by the other driver?

If I understand your question you are in an accident not your fault and it was settled, but the insurance was through a different company than the one you had ? I think they can hike the rates.

What do you do if your insurance lapses during an accident?

Your insurance is either valid on the day of your accident or it isn't. If you are asking what happens if the policy was valid on the day of the accident but lapses before the claim is settled then the coverage that was in effect the day of the accident still applies. If your policy was not in effect the day of the accident then coverage will not apply.

I was injured in an auto accident and received a settlement. do i have to claim this as income?

No. Personal injury settlements are non-taxable. Double check with your state's commissioner of insurance, or the adjuster you settled with. It may vary by state.

Can an insurance company deney coverage because you did not report and accident settled out of pocket?

If it is in the policy, then yes they can deny coverage. You will need to read your policy carefully, it will reveal the answers there.

Which is the best two wheeler insurance plan in India?

I would suggest you to go for BharthiAxa insurance. In my case they settled my claim fast. It was easy for me as when I transferred the plan from other insurer for my 2 wheeler. Not only that I get hassle free inspection services and its highly standardised. And my Two wheeler insurance plan covers personal accident. And they have wide range of services. Go get BharthiAxa's Support.

If your insurance company drops you before a claim is settled how do you get insurance coverage on your home?

They should not drop you before a claim is settled. If they have contact your state department of insurance and file a complaint.

The other driver's insurance wants a statement from you even though you was not on fault in this accident and other driver was charged with the accident?

Yes, that is normal and you should comply. Insurance fraud is a huge problem in the industry and the other insurance company is only trying to confirm the nature of the accident. You never know when the other person may be trying to claim something for their benefit that didn't happen in the accident. Say for example the other person was really alone in the car but later told their insurance company that they had a passenger in the car with them that was injured in the accident. This invented passenger then makes a claim against the liability coverage of the driver and if and when it is settled the driver and their accomplace share in the bogus claim's settlement. Meanwhile your damage is taken careof as it should be but your statements could expose the attempted fraud trying to be committed by the other party. Believe me, all of us need to do our part in limiting fruad because the cost of fraud is included in our ever increasing insurance premiums.

How long do you have to file a death claim in a single car accident of the driver in Alabama?

The Insurance company paid for the car comprehensive but failed to mention the death liability. I was too grieved to think about it and settled.

How would one settle an automobile accident claim?

In the best case scenario, one would settle an automobile accident claim through theirs and the responsible party's insurance companies. However, these claims are often disputed and will sometimes need to be settled in court with the use of lawyers.

Can you change car insurance companies while a claim is still being settled?

Yes. You can change at any time. The insurance company cannot deny the claim because you changed companies.

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If a car is stolen but there is no damage do i have to take it back?

If you have not settled with the insurance company you will have to take it back. If the insurance has paid out it is their car.

Where can you get a loan on your accident claim?

i live in Tampa, Fla i would like to know where i can get a loan on my accident funds which are in the process off being settled

Does compensation have to be refunded when personal injury case is settled in Illinois?

If the personal injury case in Illinois is settled compensation has to be refunded to the individual and the persons who provided for that individual up until the case was settled. The compensation amount will be back dated to the date of the injury.

What kind of fee do airplane accident attorneys work on?

The fees imposed by airplane accident attorneys are typically based off a large portion of the amount of money that is settled from the party at fault in the accident.

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How can you prove fifty percent liability if you the police report says you are 100 percent at fault?

Liablity decisions are not based solely on the police report. Your insurance adjuster should investigate every aspect of the loss. If you want to provide details of the accident perhaps I could assist you with this. In short, how you prove fifty percent, is just that you (your adjuster) must prove that the other party contributed to this accident. Just because the police report says 100% does not mean that the claim will be settled that way.

How are personal injury lawyers different than trial lawyers?

Personal injury lawyers deal with wrongdoings or negligence. Since the lawsuit is usually between a business and a worker or customer, most cases are settled. When cases are not settled, a personal injury lawyer can operate in the field of trial lawyer, however the main difference is that a personal injury lawyer deals with cases such as accidents.

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After a case is settled how long does it take to receive money?

It will usually take at least 30 days. If an insurance company is paying the amount out, maybe longer. They don't like paying that money out, because they lose interest on it because it is no longer in the bank