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One - Get help if you think you have a gambling problem. There are several organizations that can help, including Gamblers Anonymous. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can straighten out the rest of your life. Two - increaseing your debt will only do more damage. You sound like you're headed toward bankruptcy. Even with a good job, $20k debt can take as long as 20 years to pay off. Bankruptcy will seriously damage your credit for the next 9-13 years. If you can't meet the minimums (and even then, your debt will keep increasing due to finance charges), then work out a payment schedule with your creditors that will show good faith and take care of the problem. --Adding to the answer Third--call a credit counceling company. Not only will they put you on a payment program that most of the lenders will work with but the interest rate is also reduced while you stay on their payment program. You need help ASAP! You are hooked and you know unless you get to those meetings to help yourself you are going to get into serious trouble. Even if you go to a small club or a select group of men to gamble THEY WANT THEY'RE MONEY or your legs! Trust me on that one! Good luck (on kicking the habit)

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Q: What can happen if you're a college student in 20k debt with a gambling problem and you're thinking of spending the rest of your credit line and not paying back 4 cards until you get a job with degree?
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