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The creditor can sue the account holder(s) to recover the debt. The defaulted account will be entered on the consumer's credit report and negatively affect the person's credit score. That type of negative entry will remain on the CR for 7 years.

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Where can one find information about the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union?

One can find information about the North Carolina Sate Employees Credit Union on their official website. One can find information about loans, credit cards, investments and contact details.

Can they take your house in North Carolina for not paying credit cards?

If your sued and your creditors receive a judgment they can put a lien on your property.

What services does North Carolina SECU offer?

The North Carolina State Employees' Credit Union offers the following services: -Loans -Accounts & Cards -Estates, Insurance, and Investment Trusts -Branch and Online services

What is the top credit card in North America?

There are many good credit cards in North America. In addition, these credit cards are reliable and of top quality. Visa and American Express are famous cards.

Can a city garnish wages for uncollected liens on a property in North Carolina?

If they are tax liens, yes the N.C. laws prohibiting wage garnishment only apply to consumer debt, such as credit cards.

What types of credit cards are offered by CitiBusiness?

Citi Business offer a variety of credit cards. They offer business credit cards, personal credit cards and student credit cards. They offer cards from both Visa and MasterCard.

What credit cards does the Bank of America offer?

Bank Of America offers many different credit cards. It offers cash rewards credit cards, points rewards credit cards, travel and airline rewards credit cards, lower interest rate credit cards, and build or rebuild credit cards.

Who is charged for misusing credit cards?

People who misuse credit cards are charged for misusing credit cards.

What are airline credit cards and how are they different from regular credit cards?

Airline credit cards are credit cards issued by airlines. They have no real benefits over regular credit cards, apart from the fact that you can collect Air Miles with them.

How many types of credit cards does Visa offer?

Visa offers traditional credit cards, rewards credit cards, and premium rewards credit cards. This is in addition to the business credit cards that Visa offers, along with the pre-paid and debit cards offered.

Are processing rates lower for debit cards vs credit cards?

credit cards

What are some of the dangers of credit cards?

the dangers of credit cards?

What credit cards does gamestop accept?

All Credit cards

Their are old credit cards on your credit report that are 10-11 years old under the statute of limitations of North Carolina you should be able to remove them right?

The SOL goes by the last time you made a payment or when they reported you delinquent. If your card qualifies then contact the credit reporting agencies and tell them to remove it.

What companies provide instant decision credit cards?

Instant decision credit cards are not as common in North Amercia as they are in, for example, the UK. In the UK, popular companies include Tesco Bank and MNBA.

Can you use a credit counseling service to pay the deficiency balance in a repo in nc?

I was a Certified Credit Counselor in the state of North Carolina, and the answer to your question is no. The only accounts that a credit counseling organization will accept are revolving accounts (credit cards), payday loans, utility debts, and medical debts. Repossessions will have to be negotiated between you and the collection agency or lender that has this account.

What is a list of reliable credit cards?

There are many credit card companies that offer reliable credit cards. However, my list of reliable credit cards would include Visa, MasterCard, HSBC, and RBC credit cards.

What are interest free credit cards?

Interest free credit cards are some sort of deal credit cards make to get you to use their credit cards. Interest is cash that builds up on your debt. These interest free credit cards eliminates that for a few months.

What are the downsides to Sears credit cards?

Sears credit cards are like most credit cards. They are convientient when you are low on cash,. Howver, like most credit cards, they have high interest rates.

Where can one apply for credit cards with rewards?

One can apply for credit cards with rewards at websites such as Credit Cards and Credit. Other websites that one can apply for these cards at include Visa and TTBank.

Which credit cards are secured?

Secured credit cards require that you supply a cash deposit as collateral that becomes the actual line of credit. When first establishing credit or reestablishing credit secured credit cards are an excellent method to use and most banks will be able to provide information on the secured credit cards they offer.

What companies offer interest-free credit cards?

Here is a site that talks about interest free for 18 months credit cards Cards , Here is a site that talks about credit cards

What is subsidiary credit cards?

Subsidiary credit cards are viable credit cards issued under the direction of a major credit card company. For example, the American Express Company issues several different types of credit cards. They have cards that give you cash back, cards that give you points to purchase other items, and cards that earn airline travel miles. Each one of these types of cards are subsidiary credit cards.

Is there 1000 credit on all social security cards?

No. I have no idea where you would have got this notion. Social Security cards are not credit cards and cannot be used as credit cards.

What would happen if there were no credit cards?

Everything would have to be paid for in cash, by cheque or electronic funds transfer.