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Your parents will probably kill you if you get your belly button pierced. So i wouldn't try it and sometimes your stomach acid will leak out and burn your flesh.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-26 01:38:15
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Q: What can happen if you get your belly button pierced at a young age?
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Can you be 11 and get your belly button pierced?

no your to young but in America u can if your parent allow u to

Is it wrong for a 12 year old to have their belly button pierced?

No its notwrong for a 12 year old to have there belly pierced your only young once but that's mostly up to the parents

Where to get your belly button pierced when your tweleve years old?

The answer is; you don't. Your too young to spell your own age correctly so your hardly old enough to have a belly button piercing.

Can you get you belly button pierced at 12 years old?

not likely 12 is too young your body is still growing

What is the minimum age to get a belly button piercing in Indiana?

in Indiana girls start to pierce their belly button very young I know a girl shes from Indiana and she got her's pierced when she was seven

How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced at planet 3 in Savannah Ga?

You can be as young as you want to but if ur under 18 then you MUST have a GURDIAN or PARENT with you. :)

Where can you get your belly button pierced at 13 in buffalo?

Girl dont get your belly button pierced at such a young age wait until you are fully grown because I did when I was 13 it hurt like hell and I had to get it redone when I was 17 also don't do it now because your not done growing so it will stretch out. And make sure you get it done by a professional!

Does Bridget Mendler have her belly button pierced?

no they say that she is only 17 and they say u have to be 20 but i dont know because i see aot of people with it and their very VERY young :} You can be 16 with a navel piercing. After looking at her pictures, I dont think that she does have it pierced.

Is 13 too young for belly button peirce?

What most parents say as a 'too young' belly peircing is 13, but there is no real 'too young' age.You can get a belly peircing at any age.

Will it hurt you to have your belly button pierced beause im scared and im only 11yrs old?

Well it depends if you can take pain well or not, it hurt for me. But, if I were you I would wait a few years to pierce it because your stillso young. [:

Is it bad for a 13 year old to get her navel pierced?

yes it is bad, its not recommended by anyone to get a belly button piercing at a young age like 13. my sister is a doctor and says it is possible to get a disease by getting it pierced. if you want a piercing on your navel i think a good age would be 16 and over. -hope this helped

Can thirteen year old girl get there belly pierced?

YOu can but when you're so young you shouldn't. You're still growing and it's not the best idea at this point.

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