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It depends on if it ie front or rear wheel drive or 3 wheel drive. If it is 4 wheel drive, it is not good and will cause problems. If it is either front or rear wheel drive keep the wheels the same on the drive wheels ie. front wheel drive, keep the 17 or 16 inch wheels on the front but make sure they are the same.

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Q: What can happen if you have two 17-inch rims and two 16-inch rims on your car?
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What is the purpose of car rims?

Car rims may add some value to your car, the basic function of the rims is to attach the tire to the car, lighter rims will improve the mileage your car gets

What rims look good on your car?

it depends on what kind of car and rims you have

What is a Lamborghini rims?

A 'lamborghini rims' as you call it, are probably the wheel rims on a car built by the Italian car company, Lamborghini.

What is car rims?

Rims are wheels. Your tire goes on them.

What do the car rims on a car do?

The rims on a car are very important because they are what keeps the rubber on the car actually circular. if you dont have them, the car will not be able to roll properly.

What happens when rims of size 14 inch in a car are replaced with rims of size 15 inch?

Nothing will happen if you change the tire size along with the rims so you end up with a wheel/tire combination that is close to the overall diameter of the OEM tire/wheel that came on the car. Any tire shop can help you choose the correct size tire for the 15" rims.

What are the best rims to put on a Buick?

Buick rims are a type of rims for wheels, and they are generally used on the car manufacturer Lasabre, and their different corresponding types of car.

What do rims do for your car?

Rims is another word for wheels, on which your tires are mounted.

Is there a website that you can view rims on your car before buying?

There are many websites that make the viewing of car rims available. The websites can also make the purchase of the rims available online.

Can 5 lug rims fit on a 4 lug car?

5 lug rims will not fit on a 4 lug car.

Where can I buy some cheap car rims?

You can buy some cheap car rims at many tire shops. many tire shops will have used or new rims around, you can always look in want add for them too it is very simple to find cheap car rims.

Rims for Sale?

form_title= Rims for Sale form_header= Install new rims on your tires. Do you want custom rims?*= () Yes () No Have you ever put new rims on your car?*= () Yes () No Do you want chrome rims?*= () Yes () No

Can you paint car rims?

yes you can

Can you put 14 inch rims on a car with 15inch rims?

In some cases yes. depending on the size of caliper and rotor that the car has.

Will 5 lug Chevy car rims fit 5 lug Chevy truck?

NO, Chevy car and truck rims will not interchange.

Where can you go to see the rims on your car?

where ever you bought the car from

Which Metal is used to make Tire Rims?

Chromium is used to make car rims.

Want to see car with rims before buying the rims?

no thanks, i don't want to buy the rims anyway, but thanks for the offer.

Where can one purchase new rims for wheels for a Jaguar car?

Rims for Jaguar cars can be purchased at your local car accessory shop. Online options include ordering from websites such as eBay. Rims cannot be purchased from a Jaguar car dealership.

Asking if anyone knows of a place or website that sells low price rims.? is a good website for finding new rims for your car. You can search through a variety of rims as well as see them on your car so you can be sure that they're the right rims for you.

Will lowering my golf mk 3 vr6 effect my car in any way im planning to put 17inch rims on will the wheels rub when my car is full of people?

see if you can buy low profile tires then go to auto zone and buy booster kits (they cost around ten bucks each and easy to install)you can raise or lower the car up to 2 1/2 inches .they will help it not to rub

What are car rims made of?

There are actually many kinds of rims like Chrome and for my car they are. If you would like to know you could do a little knock

Would 18 in rims fit on a cutlass?

It depends on the year of your car. but in general, rims from 14-15 to 20" will probably fit your car.

How can you determine what rims to get for your car?

get ones that spin!!

How do you know if rims will fit on your car?

measure them