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Ask yourself what gives you the right to have custody of the children? The best answer for ALL concerned is to talk it over with your husband and come to an agreement. With this you can then get the agreement written up by lawyers. If you do not feel comfortable talking to your husband about this by yourself I suggest you both meet with a third party - say your lawyer. I suggest you get to a court ASAP and file a custody order, before he does. The first one who files normally has a better shot at winning. And if you can prove abuse, file that also. This is a hard question to answer so you need to act fast.

You could lose your child, if you have joint custody. He can state that you kidnapped the child. I would suggest going to get custody or at least get in contact with a lawyer and see what they say. If there was abuse, usually the justice system won't get involved until someone actually gets hurt. As sorry as that is.

You need to seek legal counsel ASAP, as the laws differ from region to region, country to country.

I was in that very situation about three years ago. By taking my daughter with me, insisting she sleep where I was staying, and controlling the visitations with her father, I was able to set the status quo. The courts, generally, are reluctant to go against the status quo, unless there is some form of concrete proof that it is in the child's best interest.

Just remember, going through a divorce is not the child(ren)'s fault...don't make them suffer! As separated/divorced parents, the ONLY question should be, "How can we be the best co-parents?" Should you go through the entire process of a trial, keep that in your mind as you ask/answer every question. And if your spouse is unable to do the same thing, all the better for you.

If you leave your husband and take your child with you, you better hurry and get temporary custody of your child legally. I lost my son because I left without filing the proper paperwork in court to give me temporary custody. He took him from me during a visitation and I now only get every other weekend and pay 300.00 child support. All because I didn't get a temporary parenting plan. Unless one or both parents have court papers showing custody, either parent can legally take the child. If you don't have papers, your husband could pick your child up from school and there isn't a thing you can do about it. If you call the police requesting visitation or the return of the child they won't do anything unless you have papers in hand. If you want custody, get it through the family court.

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Q: What can happen if you leave your husband and take your child with you?
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With no court orders What can happen if you leave your husband and take your child with you out of state?

He should file an injunction ordering the return of the child.

Your husband hit you. you told him you want to leave can you take your child and move to another city by relatives?

Yea, but if your husband refuses to give you your child than you will most likely have to go to family court for coustdy

What happens if you leave your husband and take your child in Canada?

I live in Canada. I am an American citizen. I have a child and one on the way. My husband is abusive physically to my son. How do I leave him and come home to the U.S?============================================================================Seek legal advice here in Canada immediately.Do not attempt to scoop the child and flee for the border. You could be charged with a serious criminal offence if you do so.You would not be allowed to take the child across the border in any event without your husband's written consent.

How do you tell her to leave her husband?

Talk to her about your views that you want this. She might agree upon that and leave her husband. It depends on her and it is her take on this.

Can you leave the father not husband of your child and take the child with you to another country without telling him?

If there are court orders regarding child support, visitation etc that the father have you can not take the child out of state or country wihtout his and the courts permission. it would be kidnapping. He have parental rights just like you.

If your daughter which lives in Missouri wants to leave her husband and take her son to another state Is this legal?

Crossing state lines can be illegal if the other parent doesn't know or give permission for the child to leave the state.

How can you help your daughter in Missouri if she want to take her son out of state and leave her husband?

She has to file and get approval of the court before destroying her child's life by takinh him/her away from a father.see link

Is it wrong for a mother to leave her child for a month?

Leave without a babysitter would be wrong but not if you have to leave to work or take care of a sick relative etc and leave the child with someone trustworthy.

If the father wants to leave the mother can he take the child with him?

A father can take his child with him if he can prove that the mother is unstable or unfit to care for the child. Also, the mother can give him her permission to take the child.

Can you leave your husband in Arizona and take the kids?

You can leave and ask for temporary custody until the court has determined permanent custody.

What does it Mean if I dream that my husband is leaving me?

he is going to for sure leave you and take all your money.

Can a husband take your child away because of an affair?

Don't you mean can the father of your child removed his child from the immoral influence of an adulteress? Yes.

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