What can happen to you if you don't pay a tax bill from your State for ordering cigarettes over the internet?

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2006-12-02 21:27:07

Just like any other debt or tax you owe a government, it will be

collected. Ignoring it will not make it go away! The amount you owe

will continue to grow by interest charges, daily. It will also grow

by failure to file assesments, late fees, other penalties, etc.,.

All legal, in some states, all required. These can be substantial.

However, generally at least some of these may (possibly) be avoided

- called abated - if at, (sooner the better) to first notice you

respond to them, with apologies, confess you didn't understand,

thought it was done, present some plausible excuse, or better yet

"reasonable cause" (like in a coma). Otherwise, the jurisdicition

will simply contact your employer, or anyone they think that you

have money or assets at, or even just pays you money for any

reason, (consider the sources they have to easily determine

who/what these are), and instruct them to send the amount that is

due. Called Attachment or Garnishment or Seizure. Obviously,

anything you may otherwise expect from them (tax refunds, other

payments) would likely be first to be offset. This will basically

all just happen electronically/automatically.

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