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It's getting stuck in the ps2? Well, try something like a car vinyl/rubber protectant. That won't screw up the plastic, and generally makes things slippery.


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What is used to lubricate a trombone slide is slide oil made for the trombone, which you can get at a music store near you, and slide cream also made for the trombone which you can also buy from a music store near you. I would recommend you to use the slide oil only once a month, and use the slide cream more often than you use the slide oil. :)

You lubricate the slide pins and not the actual rotor.

If you are trying to put it onto the ps3 system, you slide it into the slot on the front of the machine. If you're talking about putting it into the ps2 or playstation system, you can't.

Slide a disc in or press the PS3 emblem on the controller

In Microsoft PowerPoint, slide design refers to the layout a slide has. A slide master and slide layouts can be used to make designing easier by applying elements and formatting automatically to presentations.

Because there is less resistance

Lubricate all caliper slide pins, any contact points with caliper bracket and caliper piston contact points with back side of brake pads. do not lubricate pad friction area or rotor.

yes, i have personally slid my friends, both stand up slide and Coleman slid it. it really matters more about the wheels, the harder the durometer, the easier it is to slide. the durometer is the number that it ___ a.... its between 70a and 100a, the higher the number= harder the wheel=easier to slide.

use grease or mineral water

By rubbing the track with soap or wax

Because the fibers that make up the paper are wet and slide apart easier

try rubbing a candle on the sides and bottom, the wax will help it slide easier - hope this helps :)

Yes. Without them, it would be easier to slide and be unsafe. The cleats, or spikes make it easier to grip the ground.

It is faster and easier to use. Usually used for kids in classrooms.

take out the tuning slide which is the one that the spit comes out of and take some of the slide grease and put it on, making sure it's rubbed in completely. Put the slide back on and push it in and out a few times so you can get the grease rubbed in. You should feel it getting easier to slide as you do this.

Slides can have pre-defined structures on them to make it easier to do different things on the slides. So a slide for titles will have placeholders in position on the slide for you to type in the titles. You can have slides that enable you to put in graphics. You can have a slide that does not have any of those things on it. So you can choose from one of these when you create a new slide, in order to help you create a slide. These are known as Slide Layouts. There are many others available.

Very few people used a slide rule in 2010. Calculators are much easier to use.

Because fresh now is softer and not yet compacted into ice, this way the skies can glide on the snow easier.

It is easier to get a good streak that way rather than holding the slide flat. Please move your question to microbiology.

It usually is referring to lubricated. Thus mean it has a coating to make it slide easier/slippery.

Because the blade is sharp so it will easily slide through.

widal slide is easier and it save time but widal tube test is not easy and it takes time.

There is more friction, this ensures your feet do not slide

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