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Your only option would be to contact the court in which you were convicted in, and try to have your conviction expunged.

If or until the conviction is expunged, no medical center can legally hire you (as a nurse).

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Q: What can i do to clear myself to be able to work in the nursing field i caught a felon 6 years ago what can do?
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Can you go to school for nursing if you are a convicted felon?

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He can, but he WILL go to prison when he is caught with it.

Can you get a job in the nursing field being a convicted felon?

maybe bi thch

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as long as you don't get caught.

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Wi am a convicted felon what can you do to qualify to take the nclex-rn exam?

Before you go any further you shold ascertain if the Board Of Nursing (or whatever agency regulates nursing in your state) will issue a license to a convicted felon.

Can a felon have a clear background check without expunging it?


Can a felon get a nursing license?

What state? You must check with your State Board of Nursing (or whatever agency licenses nurses in your state) to determine the answer to this question.

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