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go online and search for 100s of jobs.

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Could you get away with having your hair dyed or streaked for school?

It really depends on your school. Check out your school rules/uniform policy. If it doesn't say anything specific, then go for it. If they challenge you, get them to change the rules.

How do you become a mythical creature?

If you could alter your DNA to become what you want to be, you could be anything. It might be really, really, really hard though

What color is a female dragonfly?

it could be the color of ANYTHING really

Is it correct or natural to say you must had really nothing to do?

You could say; "You didn't really have anything to do".

What countries wear school uniforms?

Any country could have school uniforms, really.

What could children eat as a treat in world war 2?

Anything they could find really

Is data another word for fraction?

It could mean anything really

Do hamsters attract rats and mice?

Not really, but anything could happen.

Could the UFO Project Lucid really be demonic?

Anything is possible.

How many inches is a 55 gallon tank?

It really depends on the shape of the tank - could be anything really!

Why are kids not allowed to have cell phones in school?

bc if you could use the cell phone in school, you would pay attention or you could cheat on anything

What part of grammar is anything?

It really does depend on how you use it, but most of the time it is an abstract noun: 'It could have been anything'

How many milliliters in a jug of water?

I could guess that it is ballpark 1500ml, though it could be anything really

If you were all powerful and could do anything could you make a door you could not open?

Let's think about that question. You said all powerful and could do anything. Makes me think you could build the door.yeah but then u couldn't do anything so really u cant do everything

How bad can school get?

School can get really bad really fast like wearing uniforms but that's not it the prices are bad and they could abuse you and that is not cool at all

How do you get your Middle School Records?

Well Usually your school would give them to you but almost always you could get a password and username from your school and then you could try. But really it hardly ever works.

What to say to a girl when asking them out?

You could really say anything, but some good things are to say is just that you'd really like to 'hang out' with them sometime. And let them know that you would really enjoy it if you two could become better friends and talk more. Anything along the lines of that really. Good luck!

Can I get a physics degree in 4 years?

Yeah, and you could do it in less if you really wanted to. No rush though - you'll need to go to grad school to do anything with a bachelor's degree in physics, so you'll probably be in school for a long time either way.

What is the average salary in Sicily?

Who knows, it could be anything really, look elsewhere to find this answer

Do cobras really dance?

You could say that they do, but definitely not to music! They can't hear anything!

What was the first insrument that Mozart played?

The harpsichord and violin. But he could play anything really.

How could there be nothing if theres anything which is something so how cold there be nothing?

that really deep

What is an example of an accelerating object?

A car could be an example or really anything that can change in velocity....

What high school did Emily Dickinson go to?

well we are not really sure but you could try its really easy

What could Jews do and not do during the Holocaust?

Really the Jews couldn't do anything but work and eat when they had food and they could not do anything else Jews really could not do anything except work other than that they stayed in there barracks and sleep. The rules changed several times. The Jews were not allowed to earn a living, and in the end the only thing they were allowed to do was die!