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Q: What can i do to get ahead start on my cosmetology career?
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What sciences are needed for a cosmetology career?

If you are pursuing a career in cosmetology, there are not necessarily specific "science classes" required before entering cosmetology school. However, a cosmetology school may equip its students with knowledge of several of the following scientific aspects of a beauty career:- Chemicals and chemistry of beauty products - including dyes, hair products and makeup- Safety and sanitation practices- Scalp disorders and conditions- The sciences of skin care, nail care and hair careThese are all skills that will be developed within the curriculum of a cosmetology school education, or may be attained through advanced cosmetology courses or continuing cosmetology education classes.Answer-To make career in cosmetology field first of all you should join a accredited cosmetology school. After complication of cosmetology school and after getting license you can start working in cosmetology field. Also you must be aware of of the current safety regulations and latest techniques used in market to become a professional cosmetologist.

What are the emotional requirements of making a lifelong career out of cosmetology?

what are the emotional requirments of making a lifelong career out of cosmrtology?

What equipment do you need to start up a cosmetology business?

what equipment do they use in cosmetology

How do you start a career in cosmotalogy?

First you should learn how to spell it. Cosmetology. You have to go to school to learn it. Look in the Yellow Pages under vocational schools. You have to take a state board exam to receive a license to practice cosmetology. That's what the school prepares you to do.

Is cosmetology a good field and what do I need to know?

Cosmetology can be a farily lucrative career choice if you get into the right shop, and if you are really good at what you do, you can make a decent living.

What is a cosmetology?

I think that question you are trying to ask is "What is Cosmetology" Cosmetology is a career field that involves cosmetics (makeup. A cosmetologist is a person who applies the cosmetics (makeup artist). Most people confuse cosmetology with hairstyling. They are similar, but they are different.

What is the difference between a cosmetology license and a career diploma in cosmetology?

It sounds like a "career diploma in cosmetology" is certification that you have completed cosmetology school. The number of hours it takes to complete cosmetology school will depend on your program of choice, the state you're in, and whether you attend cosmetology school full time or part time. However, once you have completed cosmetology school, you still need to take and pass the state cosmetology license exam in order to become a licensed cosmetologist. With a Cosmetology license, you can work with hair, skin and nails. You can do hair, you can also work in a dermatology office. The options are endless. Along with a cosmetology license, with further training you can be a master hair colorist. Like I said, the options are endless. Like every other license, it gives you the right to perform any job related to your specific cosmetology license. Hair styling for cosmetology hair stylists, and etc.

How can i get a cosmetology license?

You start out by enrolling in a cosmetology school, and then it depends on how many hours your state requires to graduate.

Where did cosmetology start?

In ancient Egypt

How can you move up in a Cosmetologist career?

What do you have to do to become a manager or higher spot in cosmetology?

What are facts about hairdresser and cosmetology?

what kind of schooling if any do you need prepare for this career

What year did cosmetology start?

No. Your mom. :P

what are the top cosmetology schools eastern Europe?

Some of the top cosmetology schools in Europe are Marinello Beauty Schools, Bellus Academy, Toledo Academy of Beauty Culture, and Milady's Career Institute.

What are some similar high school courses to cosmetology?

It depends on the high school, Some high schools have cosmetology courses and some do not. If cosmetology is a career that you'd want to take you would most likely need to take chemistry, math, English, and a business class. For more information visit the related link.

Was the first person to start out in cosmetology a male or female for their business?


Why should you PLAN for a career?

It's always good to plan a career ahead of time because then you could start working on that goal, it's also good to have a back up plan, but you have to remember life doesn't always go as plan.

What are the classes needed for cosmetology?

the classes that are needed to become a cosmetologist are chemistry and math, English like any other career.

Would i be able to move my career ahead in life if i were a vet?


What is the role of career guidance within hairdressing?

When you are receiving career guidance and you are interested in becoming a hairdresser, the person will tell you what steps you need to take in order to be successful. To become a cosmetologist, you will need to get an associate's degree in cosmetology.

Can you do online classes at Florida Career College?

Yes, Florida Career College does offer online classes to attending students. They offer many degrees like business, health, and cosmetology and many are available online.

What degrees are offered at the virginia career institute?

They offer things like nursing and cosmetology. Virginia Career Institute- Virginia Beach is at 100 Constitution Drive Suite 101, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

What age did Ethel Waters start her career?

what age did ethel waters start her career

The Benefits of Cosmetology Training ?

Cosmetology training is an extensive program which teaches and educates interested applicants about all aspects of beauty, hair design, and skin care. There are many career paths to choose in cosmetology training, including make-up artist and hair stylist. One benefit to cosmetology training is that students don't have to be confined to the classroom to learn about their trade. Hands-on training workshops and seminars give the student a better understanding of his or her chosen field. Whatever the chosen path, the positive aspects of cosmetology training is that it prepares its ambitious and hard working students for the real world.

What is the abbreviation for cosmetology?


Why choosing cosmetology as a career?

There are various good reasons for choosing cosmetology as a career options. These are following: 1-Requirement of cosmetologists are in every geographic area all around the world. 2-It is not only a fast growing career but also a high earning career options. 3- As a cosmetologist you can choose flexible time schedules either part time or full time. 4-There are various setting where cosmetologist can works like in salons, health clubs, resorts, skin care offices, barber shops, or freelance works. 5-Cosmetology career require less than one year of schooling and licensing, you don't need many years of schooling to become a cosmetologist. 6- Cosmetology is a broad field, as per your interest you can choose any specific specialization like hair styling, hair cutting, skin care, make-up, waxing, laser hair removal, nail artistry or any number of other specializations.