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What can increase your heart rate?

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Exercise, stress, coffee...

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Does blood pressure increase heart rate?

yes it does increase heart rate.:)

What does alcohol do to heart rate?

increase heart rate.

Can caffeine increase your heart rate?

Yes, caffiene is a stimulant, and can increase heart rate.

If your pulse rate increase your heart rate does what?

Your pulse rate is your heart rate.

What can increase the heart rate?

Scary games can increase the heart.

Why does exercise affect heart rate?

increase the heart rate

Does anxiety effect heart rate?

Yes, anxiety can increase the heart rate, the increase in heart rate is part of the body's "fight or flight" response.

What does heart-rate have to do with blood pressure?

An increase in heart rate leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Will parasympathetic stimulation increase heart rate?

No it will decrease heart rate.

Do beta blockers increase heart rate?

No, they slow heart rate.

Does your heart rate increase when your breathing rate does?


Can Wellbutrin increase your heart rate?

Yes, it can increase the heart rate. However this is an unlikely, but serious side effect.

what foods increase and decrease your heart rate?

spicy foods increase our heart rate but nothing will slow it down.

What does your heart do when your heart rate increase?

When your heart rate increases your heart is simply pumping blood faster

An increase in heart rate will most likely result in?

an increase in pulse rate

Does aerobic exercise increase your heart rate or your breathing rate?

hmm heart rate maybe?

Can a fever decrease your heart rate?

A fever will tend to increase your heart rate

What affect does the sympathetic nervous system have on heart rate?

to increase heart rate.

How can you raise your heart rate?

Any form of exercise will increase your heart rate.

Does epinephrine increase or decrease heart rate?

epi increases heart rate

Does pain increases or decreases your heart rate?

pain does increase your heart rate

Does the vagus nerve carry impulses that increase heart rate?

Does the vagus nerve carry impules that increase the heart rate

How much do energy drinks increase your heart rate?

Only after 5 minutes your heart rate will increase by 3 beats

Can a heart attack increase your heart rate?


What is the effect of norepinephrine on the heart?

an increase in heart rate