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What can keep a car from starting?


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2015-07-17 17:35:58

Heres a couple thoughts and a link that may help. If fuel is a question, spray starting fluid in the carb while cranking. Make sure your plugs are dry and clean. Carburetors are funny old animals that need attention and give headaches like you have.

If you mean cranking...

1. Lack of proper ignition key. 2. Automatic shifter in 'drive' or 'reverse'. 3. Battery disconnected or defective. 4. Defective crank sensor. 5. Defective starter motor or solenoid. 6. Seized engine. 7. Security system tripped.

I've seen all of the above while working in service.

If you mean cranks but won't start.

1. Spark. 2. Fuel.

I check spark first, less messy.

a short circuit somewhere

A car will not start if the gear selector is not aligned properly. Sometimes it is necessary to move the gear selector back and forth several times so that the alignment will be corrected and car will start.

A fuel pump on its way out will also cause a car to not start. Think crank crank crank crank crank (man my hand is cramping) crank crank crank crank...nothing.

If you are asking about what will keep a Grand Cherokee from starting the factory alarm will if you have changed the battery or if the jeep has been sitting up for a while you do the same as if your alarm was sounding lock the doors unlock the drivers door with your key and try starting I have had to do this to mine after it had been sitting while I was rebuilding the front differential.


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Unless your car is a diesel, they can certainly keep your car from starting if they're missing. They can also become fouled or badly worn, which, again, could keep your car from starting.

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It really depends on how the alarm is wired into the car. If it is wired into the ignition system the yes it will keep the car from starting if triggered.

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i have a 92 bonn. and my car wasnt starting and it turns out it WAS the crankshaft sensor and the harmonic balancer

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