What can kill a budgie?

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Budgies can die from diseases, respiratory illnesses, the wrong food and stress.

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Q: What can kill a budgie?
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When was In for the Kill - Budgie album - created?

In for the Kill - Budgie album - was created in 1974-05.

Can an African grey and a budgie be in te same cage?

No, the Grey will kill the budgie.

Can half a drop of coke kill a budgie?

no, it can't

Why did your budgie kill your other budgie?

if you have a budgie for quite awhile and then get another budgie your original budgie will get territorial and attack the newer bird. If this is the case you need to get to cages and slowly show the new budgie to the older budgie. keep doing it again and again until eventually you should be able to keep the two birds in one cage.

Why is your budgie afraid of you?

because we are massive compared to it and for all it knows we could be about to kill it

Can canaries and parakeets live together?

No i wouldn't suggest it the budgie will kill the canary

What does it mean if a budgie is excessively licking your face?

it means it is going to kill you in 2 weeks ( its tasting you )

Why does your girl budgie attack your new boy budgie and not your old girl budgie?

The girl budgie would attack the new boy budgie and not the old girl budgie because she is used to the other girl budgie and is not familiar to the new boy budgie.

How do you say budgie in German?

budgie = Wellensittich

Can a budgie be albino?

yes a budgie can be albino. you can also get a lutino budgie which is yellow with red eyes

What is the height of a budgie?

the height of a budgie is 5'9 xD...

What is a whistling budgie?

A budgie that whistles... Isn't it obvious?

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