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One can treat a decubitus ulcer by using anti-biotics and also dressings. The treatment may vary, whether it is hospitalized or home treated, depending on the severity of the condition.

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Q: What can one treat a decubitus ulcer?
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How do you treat decubitus ulcer on the sacral area?

The sacrum is where the lower spine meets the upper buttocks. A decubitus ulcer is an open pressure sore can be avoided by repositioning, use of a low pressure mattress and off-loading the sensitive area.

What is another name for a decubitus ulcer?


Can a nurse determine the stage of a decubitus ulcer?

Nurses are more than capable of determining the stage of a decubitus ulcer.Skin integrity and maintenance is part of their training.NB: A decubitus ulcer, also known as a pressure sore.

The term bedsore is the common name for?

Decubitus ulcer.

What is the icd-9 code for decubitus ulcer of the sacrum?


A decubitus ulcer results when skin cell are deprived of?


Bed sore break in continuity of skin.?

decubitus ulcer

What medicines are used for treating decubitus ulcers?

it depends on where the decubitus ulcer is, how deep into the tissue and what stage it is, there are 4 stages. There are different ways to treat an ulcer, topical creams/ointments, patches applied-duoderms, machines that are applied, various methods of dressing treatments (wet to dry dressing changes)

When a decubitus ulcer has progressed to a stage in which osteomyelitis is present the ulcer has extended to the?

If you look up what osteomyelitis is you will find the answer.

What is the medical term meaning bedsore?

The medical term for bedsore is decubitus ulcer.decubitus ulcer or pressure ulcer

A decubitus ulcer results when skin cells are deprived of what?

Blood supply

Why does a decubitus ulcer occur?

A decubitus ulcer usually occur one lies in the same spot without being turned areas most effected are bony prominences.Prevention of this is being turned regularly and good hydration's protein supplements will help also.

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