What can people do stop gypsy moth?

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In What Kingdom is the Gypsy Moth?

The gypsy moth is in the AnimaliaKingdom.

What is the Scientific name for a gypsy moth?

The scientific name for a gypsy moth is (Lymantria dispar)

Does a gypsy moth caterpillar grow to be a butterfly?

Um, no it grows up to be a Gypsy Moth.

What is being done to prevent the spread of gypsy moth?

well to decrease the population of the gypsy moth we are useing a spray that is called get rid of gypsy moth you should try it

Gypsy moth is native to what region?

The gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) originates from Europe and Asia.

Why is the gypsy moth called the gypsy moth?

Good question.The Gypsy Moth was a type of moth that is common to England. The de Havilland DH 60 was first called simply as a "Moth". Maybe it was named this because its wings could be folded alongside the fuselage.In 1928 when the new de Havilland Gipsy I engine was installed did the airplane become the "Gypsy Moth".Actually, the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar, has never been a common moth in England. It isn't clear to me if this question is about the moth or the airplane...

What has the author Melody A Keena written?

Melody A. Keena has written: 'Effects of laboratory rearing on gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)' -- subject(s): Gypsy moths as laboratory animals, Insect rearing, Gypsy moth, Variation 'Identification of gypsy moth larval color forms' -- subject(s): Gypsy moth, Identification, Larvae

What has the author Robert W Campbell written?

Robert W. Campbell has written: 'Gypsy moth' -- subject(s): Gypsy moth 'Tree condition and mortality following defoliation by the gypsy moth' -- subject(s): Defoliation, Diseases and pests, Gypsy moth, Trees 'Forest stand responses to defoliation by the gypsy moth' -- subject(s): Defoliation, Disease and pest resistance, Food, Forest ecology, Gypsy moth, Physiology, Trees 'The analysis of numerical change in gypsy moth populations' -- subject(s): Gypsy moth, Insect populations, Mathematical models 'Day-to-day survival of late-instar western spruce budworm larvae and pupae' -- subject(s): Insects, Larvae, Pupae, Western spruce budworm 'Forecasting gypsy moth egg-mass density / by Robert W. Campbell' -- subject(s): Gypsy moth, Insect populations

Where does a Gypsy moth live?

in michigan

How many legs does a gypsy moth have?

If a gypsy moth is an insect (which it probably is) than it would have 6 legs like all other insects.

What do gypsy moth caterpillars eat?

Gypsy moth cater pillars eat whatever leaves came off the tree/s they or it came from.

What has the author Paul Benoit written?

Paul Benoit has written: 'Gypsy moth in Canada' -- subject- s -: Behavior, Control, Gypsy moth

How many chromosomes does a moth have?

It depends on what type of moth, but one type, the Gypsy Moth, has 62 chromosomes.

When was the Gypsy Moth first discovered?

in 1893

Is a gypsy moth larvae a consumer?


What type of organism is a Gypsy Moth?

A lymantria dispar, or gypsy moth, is a type of insect in the erebidae family of moths. There are several different types of gypsy moths, which are classified as subspecies to the lymantria dispar species.

What has the author Richard C Reardon written?

Richard C Reardon has written: 'The gypsy moth nucleopolyhedrosis virus product' -- subject(s): Gypsy moth

How long is a gypsy moth in its cocoon?

Until it leaves

What is the scientific name of the family that the gypsy moth is in?


From where did the gypsy moth come from?

Europe and eastern Asia

What does gypsy moths look like?

brown moth

The coconut milk why do we to determine the good effect of itchiness caused by the gypsy moth larva.?

coconut milk why to determine the good effect of itchiness caused by the gypsy moth larva.

How long does it take a moth to come out of it's cocoon?

Well, it all depends on the kind of moth. If it is a gypsy moth than about 17 days.

What kind of mouth does the gypsy moth have?

One coated with Weed

How does a female gypsy moth attract males?

by growing feathers