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They can clean up the oil of beaches with alot of hard work and we can resalt crystals in the sea to clear some oil. Oil will have to automatically go though! Good luck :)


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people felt that it was unfair to have the oil spills in their country and they felt like they were getting blamed for it

Nintendo means Nintendo. Just like Exxon means Exxon.

people spank their monkey to fix oil spills. they like it up the butt on Friday nights

When humans started transporting oil. People need a specific answer like April 19 2010 (not exact date of anything)

animals like shark mostly in the sea.

because they felt like spilling it.

They didn't clean it, but they acted like they did. They put people on the shore and steamed cleaned the beach. They had piles of dead animals and just carried them away after a time. If you walk one of the beaches today that was steamed cleaned you will still find oil. Turn over a rock or dig a bit in the sand and oil will be found. It is still in the ecosystem and will be for another 100 years.

Alaska in Prince William Sound. The oil is still in the environment and will be for another 100 years. It ruined a pristine environment and killed many animals. If you would like to see what it did you can find it online and get a first hand view of that happened as the oil came ashore and mixed with the cold water.

i thought it sounded like Johnny Depp...

That's like asking whether Shell or Exxon petrol is better.

Only in certain penguins die in oil spills like the weaker ones or the ones that are living around too much oil.

Per year the volume is very low. Some years we have none at all. They also tend to be cleaned up quickly.We have a world that rarely, if ever, has any spills! We would like a world with no spills, but we also would like to be alive in this world. Without fuel, we die.Nature also spills oil. The tar pits are an example of natural seepage.

There is no possible way to predict oil spills.If you are trying to inform people or warn people that there has been an oil spill then I would suggest using a social network like Facebook.

Oil spills are dangerous for several reasons. They take the oxygen out of the water making it impossible for sea like for respirate. It also keeps out the sun preventing photosynthesis in plant life. Oil spills also release many toxins into the water.

Absolutely, the US should drill for oil off its coasts including its coast in the Arctic Ocean. All environmental laws on the books need to be followed. The oil companies who participate should be required to post bond or have insurance to cover a spill like the one in Alaska (Exxon Valdez).

oil spills like the one in the gulf coast

As it is a very costly affair , and a fast game it is not ment for faint hearted people on the other hand those who like spills, thrills and spins like me just love it.

Lots of things like animals and garbage there could possibly be oil spills.

Economic activities contribute to pollution. The effect is related to people driving vehicles to go to work and to deliver goods. This in return is responsible for creating toxins in the air. Economic activities are also affected by pollution due to situations like oil spills in the oceans. People who depend on the ocean as their source of income, for example fisherman, suffer from oil spills.

It sounds a whole lot like Stephen Dorff. Have another Blu cig, Stephen.

Air pollution isn't free because you have to apply a application to work at plants like Exxon.

look at it this way would you like to drink water that was contaminated with oil?

If in a place like a lagoon, no oil spills in water, no litter or bad gasses.

The Muleteer (mule packer like at the Grand Canyon, or Juan Valdez with his coffee sacks)

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