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Sometimes it's as simple as using a KY gel (some women's tissues are quite dry and get irritated during intercourse) or you should see your doctor for an internal. It's possible you could have a tilted cervix which can be dealt with. Also bladder to urinary tract infections or yeast infections can cause problems.

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Can a virgin man get married to a non virgin woman?

Yes a male virgin can marry a non-virgin woman.

How a virgin can be turned into woman?

Have sex with the virgin. No matter what she is still a woman.

During sexual intercourse how do know if the person is not a virgin?

for a woman...there's no pain/easy insertion :)

How can you know your wife is virgin?

Ask her. There's no real physical way to tell if a woman is a virgin, the hymen can be broken during exercise, not just sexual activity.

How do you be a Godly woman?

Have his child, as a virgin.

Can you determine if a woman is virgin by her nipple?


Can a Muslim virgin woman marry a divorced Muslim man with a child?

Yes. A virgin woman can marry a divorced man with a child.

What is the synonym of maiden?

An unmarried girl or woman or a virgin so i think a maiden is a virgin

Do vaginas hurt?

Vaginas can hurt if a woman is experiencing a condition such as endometriosis. If you are experiencing pain, please see your gynecologist immediately.

Can you see in physical appearance that a woman is a virgin or not?


How to know whether a woman is virgin or not?

Ask her

What do you call a Woman who has never had a child?

Spinster or Virgin, depending on usage. actually a Virgin is a woman who has never had sexual intercourse, but has come to mean unmarried as well- for example Queen Elizabeth I the Virgin Queen.

Can a woman go back to being a virgin?

No, a woman cannot go back to being a virgin - and no reason to want to either. A virgin is someone who has not had sex, once you have had sex you can't go back and change that.

Can anyone tell if a girl is virgin or not by examining her genitalia?

No, there is no way to know if a woman is a virgin by examination.

How did elizabeth acquire the name virgin queen''?

she never married and a woman who does not marry is called a virgin

Why is Mary called the Virgin Mary?

virgin mary is called virgin mary because she was the only woman on earth who was a virgin even after she gave birth to jesus Christ

What is the synonyms of spinster?

bachelorette, lone woman, old main, virgin, single woman

Do you need a virgin to capture a unicorn?

Legend has it that the only creature that a Unicorn will trust and approach is a virgin woman.

Why is Mary called holy virgin of virgins?

She is the only woman who gave birth while still a virgin

Can a virgin woman get pregnant during dry sex with her underwears on?

i would think not because the underwear is like a filter to stop the sperm getting through

Why does virgin woman leak?

because their cherry pops.

Is a woman concidered a virgin if she sleeps with herself?


Do girls get there period if they are pregnant?

No, it's biologically impossible for a woman to menstruate while she is pregnant - although she can bleed for other reasons during pregnancy such as a result of implantation bleeding, placenta becoming detached, or hormonal changes. If a woman suspects she may be pregnant she should take a pregnancy test. If a woman is pregnant and experiencing bleeding she should see her doctor ASAP - if bleeding is heavy or she's late in pregnancy go to the hospital.

What women feel during sex?

during sex a woman feels sort of like a pinch or a tug because the hyem rips or tears which causes a woman to bleed after intercourse, yes it is painful after the first couple of times especially for a virgin but afterwards it feels good

How can a woman prove that shes still a virgin?

all you have to do is say your a virgin if someone says that your not then say how would you know