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idk about land turtles but my red eared slider eats pellets,mealworms,crickets,fish and plants(vegetables)

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What eats a turtle besides humans?

Raccoons and opossums will eat turtles. Most predatory animals will prey on turtles.

What can pet turtles eat do they have to eat turtle food.?

no turtles eat plants and meat which is fish so now you know

What do wild hatchling turtles eat?

the turtle food at the STORE

Do pelicans eat turtles?

I have seen a pelican eat a turtle but they are not their normal food.

Can paint turtles eat tropical fish food?

Yes they will eat it and its not harmful to the turtle but this shouldn't be your turtles diet.

What do long necked turtles eat?

most types of turtles eat frozen peas and corn and turtle food

Do turtles eat other turtles as part of their daily diet?

Actually turtle do not eat other turtles as their daily life food. Baby turtle may eat fish food from the store. Make sure that the fish food is really small though or the turtle may not eat the food. When the turtle gets bigger, you can feed the turtle green veggies. You can feed them different veggies too. Be sure that the veggies are soft because the turtle cannot chew hard foods, such as carrots.

Can turtles eat betta fish food?

It depends On its kind if turtle

Do salamanders eat turtle food or snails?

No salamanders/Newts do not eat turtle food all the turtles food dose is make the salamanders/newts cage stink.

Can a big turtle eat a little turtle?

No big turtles cant eat little turtles!

How often does the turtle eat?

they eat twice a day ( for pets )for wild turtles they eat when they find food

What do freshwater turtles eat?

Freshwater turtles eat shreded carrots or you can just visit the nearest pet shop and buy turtle food

What do red ear turtles eat?

they eat turtle food. one tye of it is "wardley" my red eard turtle liked it very much.

How much food a sea turtle eat?

enough so that your turtles are not full.If they are small turtles, feed them small peices of food :o]

How does a turtle shell protect a turtle?

turtles have shells because animals that eat turtles can't eat the turtle because it has a strong shell.

Can asnapping turtle eat a snapping turtle?

Yes. Adult snapping turtles will eat baby snapping turtles.

Do turtles eat worms?

Yes, turtles eat worms but it would be wiser to feed them turtle food from the pet store because it would give them the right strength and nutrients it needs to be a healthy turtle.

Do raccoons eat turtles'?

Yes, raccoons will eat turtles, especially young turtles. They also eat turtle eggs. They cause a lot of damage to turtle nests of endangered sea turtles.

Can a snapping turtle eat turtle food?

Snapping turtles will eat just about anything. I have fed them ground beef, dead fish and one of their favorites; dry dog food. They love that.

What do paint turtles eat?

They eat Fish food,Turtle pellets,Flys,Worms,Spiders,And sometimes lettuce

Do wild turtles eat turtle food at walmart?

It depends what species the turtle is. When I had a baby snapping turtle I only kept it for a couple months and I fed her turtle food from walmart I dont really know if adult or teen adolescent turltes can eat it or not.

Do raccoons eat western painted turtles?

Yes, raccoons will eat turtles, especially young turtles. They also eat turtle eggs. They cause a lot of damage to turtle nests of endangered sea turtles.

Can turtles eat other turtles?

turtles may snap at each other but rarely do harm unless the other turtle is smaller and limbs can be mistaken for food

What are some symbiotic relationships for a turtle?

There is a mutualistic relationship between remora and turtles. The remora attach to the sides of the turtles and eat the food they drop.

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