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What can you check or replace if the check engine light comes back on and the code is P401 and you have already replaced the EGR valve?


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2015-07-17 17:55:32
2015-07-17 17:55:32

Check the EGR selenoid valve. The vacuum will pass throught the defective selenoid valve and go the EGR valve even if it has not been activated. The ECM will not detect a defective selenoid valve - only an EGR problem.

DPFE sensorIf it's a Ford product, you may need a DPFE sensor. You should also check for a restriction in the EGR passageway.

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To replace the check engine light bulb, you will need to remove the dashboard. Once you have removed the dashboard, the bulb for the light will be exposed and can be changed.

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2006 Lexus gs300 awd check engine on after spark plugs replaced

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You need to test/replace the knock sensor. ireplaced it already.

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I have a 98 mystique, and when the check engine light comes on, I simply disconnect the positive battery terminal for a couple of minutes. When I replace it, the check engine light is cleared. It resets the computer.

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