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You can claim the charitable donation amount for the value of the car. The charity should provide a receipt with this amount listed.

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Q: What can you claim on your taxes for a donated car?
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Can you claim car donations in your taxes?

Yes, you can claim your car donation on your taxes. You can only claim the fair market value or the blue book value of the vehical but it must be donated to a bonafide charity.

Can I claim a donated car on my taxes?

Generally speaking, yes you can. As long as the car is being donated to a charitable cause, you should be able to write off its estimated value-- ask the charity you plan on donating to for specifics on valuation.

Can I claim a tax deduction by donating a used car to charity?

You can claim the estimated value of the car if you have donated it to charity.

How can one claim a deduction for a car donated to charity?

A person can claim a deduction for a car donated to charity depending on whether the car was auctioned off or given to a needy person. If the car was auctioned, the deduction can only be the amount the car was auctioned for. If the car was given to a needy person for no cost, you can claim a deduction for the fair market value of the car.

Where can I learn b=more about boat donation, such as how to claim the donated boat on my taxes?

You can learn more about boat donation, such as how to claim the donated boat on your taxes at Another site is The internet is going to be your best source for information on taxes. I would suggest going right to the source,at for information on your deduction.

How do I write off a salvation army car donation?

A few years ago you used to be able to write off the full amount of the Kelly Blue Book value of the car you donated. But since lawmakers have tightened up the laws you can now only claim what the car sold for by the donated company. If the Salvation Army strictly donates the car as a gift and doesn't sell it you will need to contact them to find out the amount you can claim on your taxes.

Do you owe taxes on a vehicle donated to you?

Yes it is called a Gift Tax and also they usually will charge tax on the value of the car.

How can one claim items they've donated on their taxes?

When you make a monetary donation, usually over $20, you will receive a tax receipt from the company. You can include these receipts and fill out the donation amounts on your annual taxes.

Do you have to claim a car won as a prize on your income taxes?

Certainly. It has value and you have received it as a winning.

Can you claim street clothes on your taxes?

can you claim street clothes on you taxes

Can someone claim you on they taxes if you have Medicaid?

can someone claim you on they taxes when you have medicaid

how do I go about getting a car that was donated ?

I am unclear as to what you are asking. Do you want to get a car back that you donated to an organization?

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