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A lecturer is expected to contribute by teaching. Other duties include being involved in students' interest groups so as to engage them intellectually.

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Q: What can you contribute to the university as a lecturer?
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What has the author University Lecturer written?

University Lecturer. has written: 'Trinitarianism at the bar of common sense'

Lovely professional university valid for Lecturer job?

yes lovelyprofessional university is valid for lecturer job..

Is Karnataka state open university MTech IT degree recognized by UGC AICTE i want to work as lecturer after completing M.Tech . wil open university M.Tech is considered for the lecturer post?

It is not AICTE approved. Not valid for Lecturer job.

Was Lewis Carroll a Maths lecturer?

yes Lewis Carroll was a maths lecturer he worked in the English university town of oxford.

What is an occupation starting with U?

Undertaker, Umpire, University lecturer.

Who is Desmond Henry?

a Manchester University Lecturer and Reader in Philosophy

What is the educational qualification to becoming a university lecturer in nigeria?


What types of job opportunities are available at Cambridge University?

Over at Cambridge University, there are many job opportunities for you to choose from. Most of them vary from "Reader" such as "Reader in Entrepreneurship" or "Lecturer" such as "Lecturer in International Business."

What are qualifications of chemistry lecturer at any Australian university?

You would have to get a PhD

How much is a university lecturer paid a university lecturer on the subject of psycology.?

Lecturers make on average, around 50,000 dollars a year. Some lecturers are paid by the lecture and can make a couple hundred dollars a lecture.

What are my Career goals as a university lecturer?

To be excellent in teaching, Carrying out Research and dissemination.

Who is the most handsome man in Pakistan?

Khalid Pahore . A lecturer in a Private University in Karachi

What is the average salary of lecturer for mechanical engineering?

I think the average salary for any college lecturer is about 25-30 thousand per year... However if your talking about being a university lecturer then I think it's around 30-35 :) I hope this helps

Reasons why a government might legislate to fix price of certain goods?

Ask a lecturer at University.

When are NTS tests in GC University for D pharm?

sample tests for pharmacy lecturer jobs

Who is Nicholas Tucker?

He is a British writer who is also an honorary Senior Lecturer at a university on cultural studies.

At what college did Barack Obama teach constitutional law?

Obama was a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago, He was never a professor of law at any college or university. There is a big difference between being a professor and a guest lecturer. He never taught constitutional law anywhere.

What is the full form of cmj university and wheather it is approved for lecturer job after completing the PhD?

CMJ University Shillong Meghalaya India recognized by Tribhuvan University Kathmandu Nepal

Is Samiksha Sehrawat Muslim?

Yes, Samiksha Sehrawat is Muslim. Samiksha Sehrawat is a lecturer at the University of Newcastle. She has a Doctorate degree in History from the University of Oxford.

What sort of people can be mentors?

a mentor may be a parent, teacher, university lecturer, boss or a close friend.

Wheather M.Phil Degree in Geography given by Vinayaka Mission University is accepted for Lecturer job?


What qualification required for Economics Lecturer In Delhi University?

MA in Economics, NET Clearance / P.hd in Economics.

What are the qualifications required to become an English lecturer in an Indian university?

You need to qualify NET in English literature

How old was Einstein when he first became famous?

By 1908, he was recognized as a leading scientist, and he was appointed lecturer at the University of Berne.

How can you write a sentence for lecturer?

jaina is quite the lecturer