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Repossessing is NOT trespassing until the agent has been told to NOT come on the property again. Then you treat them as you would any other trespasser, call the cops. So next time he tresspasses I can take a crow bar to his $50K truck, right?!?

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Q: What can you do about a repo man who keeps trespassing for someone else's car?
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Does a repo man have the right to come on private property?

No. If they do, they are trespassing and you can have them arrested.

If your car is repo and it's in some one else name Is there any way you can get that out that person name so it will not show on there credit because you couldn't pay for it?

Is the loan or the registration in someone elses name??If loan is someone elses name their credit takes the hit there is nothing you can do.If the registration is in someone elses name then they are fine.Hope this helps.

Does a repo man have the authority to trespass on private property that is clearly marked no trespassing to repossess someone else's car?

yes as long as there are no locked gates

Can a repo man enter your garage without permission to get a vechicle in Georgia?


Can repo men enter some one elses property to reposses a tool box?

not really

What is the law on no trespassing to repo a vehicle?

You need to consult a lawyer where you live since it varies regionally. However, with a warrant a vehicle can be repossessed legally, even if trespassing is necessary to do so.

Who is responsible for damage to your property during a repossession of someone elses car?

The person causing the damage is usually responsible, and that would be the hook driver, or his employer, or both, assuming the "someone else" did nothing to interfere with the repo.

Can you prosecute a repo man for trespassing on commercial private property to repo a auto?

Only a prosecuter can prosectute. It is legal to repo a car from anywhere as long as they dont "breach the peace" to get to it. That is, they cant break & enter or physically move you out of the way.

Can the guards keep repo men out of a set of apartment?

If it is privately owned property and stipulates no trespassing (like a gated community or such) then yes. Unless the Repo men have a court order or similar legal document. Then no, the guards cannot, and are obliged by law to assist the repo men.

Do repo men have the right to open your gate and pass your no trespassing sing?

well what that happens to me i shoot them in the foot then the knee and finish off with head shoots lol no they are legally not if they do not have promission from someone in a high place, it like a worrent of some sort.i cann't remember who they need promission from but it someone high up

Can someone trying to Repo your car Chase you?


Do you have to tell the repo man where someone is if they are no longer living with you?


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