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You may want to use a search engine to look for the word "DentalCavitation" in parentheses.I'm not sure what an unfinished root canal is, except that when I have had root canals they were usually started on one visit and completed on another. Was it started and not finished? When a tooth is pulled, a good oral surgeon should also carefully remove the periodontal ligament and scrape, or curette, the extraction site to remove any and all dead/necrotic bone. As for the root canaled tooth, it may be a goner if the site has become infected. The tooth may need to be extracted and the same clean out procedure done as mentioned above. When you talk to an oral surgeon, be sure he or she is familiar with removal of the periodontal ligament and removing all dead bone before suturing the site.

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Q: What can you do about an infected jaw bone from an unfinished root canal and a pulled abscessed tooth?
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Can a tooth that has had a root canal become abscessed?


Could an infected tooth that is not abscessed but needs a root canal kill you if not treated quickly?

It is unlikely that you will die from an infected tooth. If it abscesses, you may wish you were dead. Having said that, yes it is extremely remotely possible that you could die from an untreated infected tooth.

How do you treat an abscessed tooth?

An abscessed tooth can be treated with a root canal and a crown, or with an apicoectomy (if the root canal has failed) or with an extraction. Only your dentist can tell you which option is best for your individual situation.

What dentist should Hakim go to for an abscessed tooth that needs a root canal?

An endodontist

Does an abscessed tooth have to have a root canal?

no clue... they just ripped mine out... puts 4 shots of novicane!

Should an abscessed tooth be removed or treated if there is no pain but the X-rays show the tooth to be abscessed?

Yes, you should have an abscessed tooth either removed (or a root canal) done. It depends on what the dentist says. First, the dentist will put you on antibiotics to be sure the abscess is cleared up and then do the procedure. Most dentists prefer to save your teeth if at all possible so discuss the root canal as an option.

The dentist said you have an absessed tooth does it have to be pulled or can it heal?

Abscessed teeth cannot heal on their own. It means that the tooth is dying. The root has to be removed or it could end up infecting your other teeth. Normally, a root canal would be done in this case as opposed to pulling it. If the tooth is in really bad shape, the tooth may have to be pulled.

What is the treatment for infected molar?

Root canal therapy or extraction. Infected teeth can never get better on their own.

After root canal can a tooth be infected?

Sometimes it not common but hardly it can be infected there's a 2/100 chances of it getting infected It is more likely to be infected if the tooth wasn't properly packed.

What does route canal mean?

There is no such thing as a route canal. However, there's a root canal which is a dental procedure in which the infected part of a tooth is replaced with an inert material.

What is more painful a tooth being pulled or a root canal?

Tooth being pulled. A root canal is not really that painful. It is uncomfortable because you have to keep your mouth open for a while. If you have to make the choice go with the rood canal land save the tooth.

What may happen if root canal is not done although it was advised by your dentist?

They will tell you it might get infected. My ex-husband was told he needed a root canal done on all his front teeth because of an accident he was in. He did not do it and they never got infected that was 20 years ago. You don't say why you were told it needs a root canal. If it is infected or you are in pain then you should do it.

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