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  1. Keep a written record of what happened, what was said, who was there and who witnessed the incident. For every occasion.
  2. Get support from colleagues, if possible.
  3. Get support from Union representatives, if possible.
  4. Get outside support, if possible, legal, medical, etc.
  5. Take all your evidence to your supervisor. If nothing happens, or if the supervisor is part of the bullying, then go higher. If nothing happens then keep going higher. Management, police, local media for publicity, lawyers etc.
A:If you are bullied by coworkers you can go to your Supervisor or if that doesn't work form a complaint against this company and their employees to Labor Relations. However, no matter which way you turn you are going to come out the loser. If you win your case, they will still make life miserable for you at work and the only hope you have is a "pay out". The best thing to do is start looking for another job (you can take sick time) and start hitting the cement looking for work. Once you have a job, be sure to give your former employer 2 weeks notice and meanwhile contact Labor Relations and form your complaint. No one should allow any bullying and any other employees that sit by and watches this action is just as much At Fault. There are laws! A:Sorry, I disagree. Many employers can deal effectively with an employee whose workplace conduct is inappropriate. And, many will terminate the offending employee if the conduct doesn't stop. Contact the HR department, your supervisor and the EEOC. A:I agree with the last answerer. I have been "chased" out of 3 jobs for abuse and have tried all avenues for help without success. My experiences are very much what the Bullying website (see the link below) showed as steps. I am a target "type" (very good at my job, intelligent, scrupulously honest and professional) and even though I wrote to HR, contacted supervisors for help and relocation within the company, the results were that the situation became even worse for my efforts and I had to leave for my own sanity. Even so, it takes months each time to get your self esteem together and to move on, and financially you cannot recover. Each time, the offending employees were considered more valuable than me and nothing ever visibly changed in their lives. All continued on and I was one of a string of employees in the same position who tried to overcome the situation. So while there is the letter of the law, it doesn't really work in real life. A:I'm with the two answers above. But also what you can do is JOIN A UNION. Then start documenting evidence of the bullying that you experience in a personal diary, name times, dates, people who were witnesses( reluctant ones or not) and how it made you feel. You will have to take a grievance out against them and for that You will NEED evidence. A:This depends on the circumstances of your employment and personality of the management. If they will take a report of bullying or not is a question you can answer better than any of us, you know your management, we don't.

If they will take it seriously, then report it. The sad reality is in my country at least, management don't take this seriously unless you Union (as recommended by a reply above) or Lawyer up on them (make sure to tell your doctor how depressed you are because of the bulling at work, it's all good evidence. But you needto report it to management before calling in the lawyers, to give them a fair chance to deal with it. Tape record the incident, and also write down a transcript from the tape as in some jurisdictions you cannot tape a person without their knowledge for court evidence, your lawyer can help you with this, and if there is a jury involved you can't undo playing of a tape or hold your ignorance against you. Keep a diary of all incidents from now on.

Supposing you don't want to use the Union or (better) management then lawyers (if the management don't deal with it properly that's constructive dismissal). You can do one of two things:

  1. As recommended above, find another Job.
  2. In theory, you could stitch up the bully so they lost their job. This is illegal in most places so if they were looking at obscene pornography under their login on their machine before sending it to you while they were in the toilet, that would be illegal if you got caught.
A:Ignore them if it has only happened a few times but if it continues ask them to stop if not go to the boss and get a co-worker to come with you.
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Q: What can you do about bullying at work?
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