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What can you do about hard water?


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Hard water must be softened by boiling or by treatment with ion exchangers resins.

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Hard water has more minerals in it.Hard water is water that has high mineral content (in contrast with "soft water")

Hard water is a natural water, not manmade.

temporary hard water is easy to convert to soft water where as permanent hard water is the other way round

Forms of Calcium is what makes hard water hard

Water is of two types i.e hard and soft water. Hard water can be converted in to sot water by either of the ways i.e by boiling hard water or by clark's process.

Hard water- Type of water that has high mineral content.

Hard water does not produce lather. So soap does not work effectively with hard water as soap does not form a good lather with hard water.

Hard water is potable (drinkable).

Water is of two types i.e hard water and soft water. Soft water is the water that easily lather with soap while hard water does not lather with soap.

Hard water can be soften by warm or boiled water

No. Hard water is water with high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium.

No. There is different types of hard water.There is slightly hard, moderately hard, hard and very hard water.And as for soft water it has to have less than a grain of calcium or magnesium. Hard water isn't as useful as soft water.

You might be talking about ice but hard water is sourced from limescale rock and the limescale is in the water and that is what you get in your kettle when you dont filter the hard water.

hard water is which has no ability to lather with soap standard hard water contains 1mg of calcium carbonate in every 1ml of water.

No, lather does not form in hard water.

More minerals in hard water

chemistry involved in Hard water

Hard water has more calcium than soft water does

hard water can be converted to soft water by boiling, filteration etc.

No, hard water is in the water, it is not caused by the type of pipe.

Soap does not form a good lather with hard water. A large amount of soap is wasted in hard water.

Hard water is a term used to describe water with too many minerals in it. Hard water can dry out your skin after a shower.

Hard water does not produce lather with soap . So soap does not work effectively with hard water . A large amount od soap is wasted while using with hard water.

yes a hard drive can be damaged by water...

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