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Fix it yourself. You obviously bought it 'as is', so there is no warranty and no guarantees that the vehicle is free from mechanical failures.

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Q: What can you do about problems with an as-is used car you have had for two months?
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Can you return a used car after having it for a few months?

No, you cannot return a used car after having for a few months. In most cases, you cannot return a used car at all once you have purchased it.

Can you sue a used car dealer if the motor goes out after 6 months of having the car The warranty ran out three months after having car?

yes because you can literally sue for anything

How do you start used car dealer?

First, work for a used car dealer atleast 6 to 12 months. Then prepare a good used car dealer business plan. Go from there.

How can you keep your car lasting longer?

I believe the biggest thing is not getting into accidents. Your car will have more problems as it get older, whatever you do, but if it isn't a frequently used car it'll have less problems.

When you get a car running that has been sitting for a wile what problems might it have?

It depends on how long a "while" is. A few months is no problem, a few years and you will have fuel problems, battery problems, brake problems and cooling system hoses, belts, tires, etc problems.

Need car for 3 months. should I buy used car or rent?

Rent, it's cheaper and gives you the chance to buy another car after the 3 months. Hope it helps, good luck!

Can you back out of a car contract after driving the car off the lot?

I bought a used car on friday, the car has more problems than I was aware off

Can you return a used car with no warranty if you find many problems that the seller did not tell you about?

Probably not. Since there was no warranty issued, the chances are that the car was sold "as is", which means that the seller is not responsible for making any repairs after the car was sold to you. It would be next to impossible to list everything that is wrong with a used car before being sold ... A used car is exactly what it is ... Used ... and being used means it could have problems later on.

What should you do if after a month the certified used car that you bought from a dealer is having engine problems?

give the car in the service

Can I return a used car to the dealer I puchased it from 8 months ago as it has had multiple serious problems?

Most used cars are sold 'As Is' - In those instances you take the good with the bad, no matter how bad 'bad' gets. Used cars are exactly that ... used ... and used means things can and will go wrong.

Can you trade in my new car after 4 months?

There are many factors involved in trading in a car. The dealership looks at how much is owed on the car and how much the car will sell for as a used car. They will then calculate the difference. If too much is owed you can pay that difference, but if you do that you might as well keep the car. What you want in a trade in is to get some money to help pay for the new car. Since you only purchased your car 4 months ago I doubt you have any equity to trade on. If your car has problems you maybe able to use the "lemon law", but this has guidelines you need to follow to get a new car out of it.

What should i do if a friend bought a car from me and a contract was signed he used it for six months then returned the car and didn't pay me for the last two months?

Well, yell at him and make him pay you OR sue him

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