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Keep you sodium (salt) intake low by avoiding processed/fast food and don't add salt to food. Eat well and keep your weight under control. That's all. Don't mess with diuretics - they are not good for you.

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It's not true that you gain weight if your on birth control?

It is very possible that you will gain weight on birth control, it is one of the side effects of Depo-Provera, it can range from 5- 20 lbs in a year. It can be contributed to water weight. If you exercise and eat healthy you can prevent this.

Can you get a baby bump if your on Depo-Provera shot?

It's not a baby bump, it's weight. The birth control shot makes you gain weight & retain water.

Does water cause water weight?

No. Contrary to popular belief, water doesn't cause water weight. Water weight is usually caused by excess sodium, PMS, or eating too much.

Should you take the birth control pill with water?

You can take the birth control pill with or without liquid. Any liquid will do.

What is cause of atmospheric pressure?

Just as water pressure is caused by the weight of water, atmospheric pressure is caused by the weight of the air. Pg. 126 Conceptual Physical Science 4th Edition.

Can you swallow the birth control pill with water?

Yes, of course.

Would taking naproxen effect your birth control?

No it will not affect birth control as long as you take the Naproxen orally with water and lemon juice. Then you will be fine :-)

How can you solve this ecological problem of population growth?

birth control in the water supply

How do you reduce weight which increased due to intake of birth control pills?

If the weight gain was due to water retention, a change in pill or stopping pills will result in rapid weight loss. If weight gain was due to increased calories, then only increased exercise and decreased intake will result in weight gain, even if you stop or change pills.

How long does it take to lose weight gained while on birth control pills after you stop taking the medication?

If the weight gain was due to the hormones in the pill causing water retention, weight loss will be rapid. If it was due to increased intake of calories, the speed of weight loss will depend on your ability to decrease calories and increase exercise.

Can a water pill and birth control pills be taken together?

That depends on which water pill and which birth control pill. Contact your health care provider or pharmacist for advice specific to your situation. Do not take that combination without checking first.

Can birth control pills cause stretch marks?

Particular birth control pills contain a hormone that can increase your chances of getting stretch marks. The Depo Provera shot and Dianette can set up women's skin to be prone to stretch marks as well as weight gain.If you are taking either of these you may want to consider switching to a different kind with reduced side-effects. However, don't skip your birth control, just control your diet, drink water and use moisturizers.

What percent of a baby's weight is water?

Basic Answer:At birth, a baby can have up to 75% water weight and this decreases with age.More:The human body has a variable water content that changes daily and with age and gender and body type.On average, adult humans have 57 to 60 % water by mass.At birth, a baby can have up to 75% water weight and this decreases with age.Obese individuals can have as little as 45% water weight.Women tend to have a few percent less water weight than men, but this is largely a difference in muscle and fat between individuals.

Will I get fat if I get a birth control shot?

Some do gain. It's usually water gain though. My 2 daughter drank plenty of water daily, to push out the toxics our bodies produce. They were both able to maintain there idea weight. Good Luck From Mytyme

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage caused by gutter or downspout failure?

No. Because it was a failure on your part to maintain the home. They are more likely to cover water damage caused by weather conditions beyond your control.

Does biotin interfere with birth control pills?

Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin that helps metabolize amino acids and fats and is imperative to cell growth. It is believed that Biotin does not interfere with birth control pills.

What can cause diarrhea brown period headaches nausea?

Having a heavy flowing period can. The best option is birth control. But if you cant afford those, try to drink as much water as possible. Not only will it keep you hydrated, but your cramps will be alot more manageable. Headaches can sometimes be caused by dehydration, which can be caused by diahheria

Can mixing a birth control pill and water make a pregnancy test positive?

No it isn't the same hormones.

What do you mean by lightweight and heavy weight control?

lightweight drywall as opposed to standard weight. Not water or fire resistant. One sheet 4x12x1/2.

How much water in an orange the control?

Well, it depends on what you tested and how you tested it, but seeing as you probably used the 'dry the pieces and find the weight difference before and after' method, your control would be the weight of the orange BEFORE drying it.

What makes an object seem to weight less when you hold it in a pool of water?

This phenomenon is called buoyancy and is caused by the object displacing water equal to its volume. If the weight of the object is less than the weight of this displaced water, then the object has positive buoyancy and will float. If the weight of the object is exactly equal to the weight of this displaced water, then the object has neutral buoyancy and thus be weightless. If the weight of the object is greater than the weight of this displaced water, then the object has negative buoyancy and will sink but it still weighs less than it did out of the water.Just remember buoyancy only affects the weight of the object, it has no effect on the mass of the object which remains constant in or out of water.

How do you overcome water pollution caused by industries?

To overcome water pollution caused by industries, there should be strict pollution control laws and legislation put into place. Another solution is treating certain wastes by municipal facilities.

What is water birth?

A water birth is a natural birth in a pool.

What force provides the energy for the erosion caused by running water?

Erosion from the weight and debris that helps break down solid.

What is the difference between an earthquake and a flood?

An earthquake is the shaking of the earth caused by the shifting of techtonic plates. A flood is caused by an abundance of water, or the failure of control systems to contain that abundance of water (e.g., NOLA during Hurricane Katrina).